Needing a Sugar Fix by Robin Jones

Have you ever just woken up in a foul ass mood? You can’t put your finger on anything in particular that made you upset…you just woke up mad?  I have those mornings quite frequently. Today is one of those days. I like to tell people that I am not a morning person. I really don’t like to speak before 11:00am if I don’t have to. I literally have to make myself speak. I feel sorry for my co-worker and boyfriend who both have great morning dispositions. My boyfriend calls me in the morning (every morning) all chipper and shit, even though he knows I don’t like to talk, and I really want to ask what the f*** are you so happy about?! My co-worker comes in to work all smiley and giggly and shit and I just really want to punch her in the throat! I know it’s not their fault that I am not a morning person but damn, CAN YOU PLEASE WAIT UNTIL 11:00AM BEFORE YOU SPEAK TO ME!! (Sorry, didn’t mean to yell).


Small talk irritates the mess out of me! It aggravates me when people want to engage in conversation but they don’t have shit to talk about. First of all if you want to talk to me then have some interesting, engaging conversation so that my mind can click into gear. Do not, I repeat, do not, come to me with insignificant small talk before 11 am and expect me to respond pleasantly. You will get the grunts, one-word responses, and stank face!


I was in such a bad mood this morning I was getting on my own nerves. I finally had to ask myself what was going on?  And it hit me…I wanted ice cream last night and couldn’t have it. You see, in an attempt to shed some unwanted poundage; I have been going to a personal trainer. He has been tailoring meal plans for my body and the amount of weight I would like to lose. For the past 4 weeks the meal plans were great! I was able to eat my fruit, veggies and meat and even had a cheat day (including ice cream!). Well this week he decided to take away my fruit, sugar and cheat day…LEAVING ME WITH A 4oz PIECE OF MEAT, VEGETABLES, AND 1 TBSP PEANUT BUTTER!! Yes I am angry because I. AM. HUNGRY!!! I think inmates eat better than I am eating. I know I need to stay focused on the end result but you can’t take away all the good stuff and expect a person to be happy. I need a fix of pure sugar to get me back on track.


It is amazing how food has the power to impact my mood. If you don’t have a problem or struggle with your weight, you may not understand the emotional toll it take on a person who is trying to change their lifestyle and eat healthier. I can tell you it SUCKS!


I can sit here and tell you that I am in a foul mood because I am hungry or because I didn’t have my ice cream last night but the truth is, I really don’t like to talk in the mornings. Any other time of the day I really am a nice person. I am a good friend and I can be the life of the party. I just have a problem forming complete sentences early in the morning. However, if someone would be willing to smuggle me an M&M Sonic blast or a vanilla cone from McDonalds, it will greatly improve my mood and we can talk about anything you want while I snack on the sugary goodness. Any takers? (Smile)

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