A Weekend Off

I took the weekend off to relax. No writing at all. You may have figured that out by the absence of either a Saturday or Sunday blog. I didn’t have any guest bloggers for Sunday and I didn’t really have enough “Ask Roulette” questions for Saturday. I guess I could have made some up, but I prefer to have genuine questions.

I needed the break anyways. I did a lot of meditation and soul searching this weekend. Just trying to figure out what I’m doing or want to be doing or should be doing with my life. I did figure out that I’m wasting time with these dudes. I have been mistaking work life balance with work sex balance. And although it’s fun in the moment, it leaves me feeling a little more than self loathing and empty. Could be the company that I’ve been keeping is shallow and selfish or it could be that I really am more sensitive than I admit to and I want something meaningful even if it isn’t a diamond ring and a wedding.

Either way, I’ve decided to stop wasting my time on people who aren’t willing to waste their time on  me and just keep my eye on the prize. Which is basically to make a million dollars by December. And if I don’t get this book written, that is not likely to happen, because I just don’t play the lottery enough. Although, I did win three dollars this weekend. But I ended up giving it away to some kids for gas money. Easy come, easy go.

In an effort to stick to my not writing for the whole weekend thing, I am going to make this short, because it is actually still Sunday night so I’m currently breaking my vow to myself and isn’t that the worst vow you can break? So I will end this by saying I hope you have a Great Monday and a Great Week!!! I am going to go watch the season Finale of Insecure and try not to be so hard on myself for being a dating failure. Until tomorrow…..

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