It’s a Halloween Party

There are a few holidays throughout the year that I absolutely love. St. Patrick’s Day,  Thanksgiving, and Halloween are probably my top 3. Not necessarily in that order, but maybe in that order.

Today, I got invited to a Halloween party. I think I’ve only ever been to one adult Halloween party and it was about 3 years ago. I wore a painted on negligee, but I wasn’t really dressed up in a costume, per se. I was just being my normal ridiculous self for a night. By the end of the night, I was holed up in the bathroom with the hostess’s ex husband helping me peel the latex off my naked body. It was a fun time.

So when I got the invite for a grown up Halloween party today, I was borderline ecstatic. I literally already have my costume picked out. Incidentally, this party will be hosting a costume contest that I’ve pretty much already won in my head because I have the best idea for a costume. It actually came from a bad joke one of my best friends made. I can’t reveal the costume, because I want you to be surprised for the big reveal. I just wanted to mention the party because I do have a tendency to intend to go out and be social and have a good time, but then it doesn’t happen because at the last minute I realize that I don’t know anybody or that the couch looks really comfortable with all those blankets on it or because by the end of October the Christmas movies should be starting to play nonstop on the Hallmark Channel and I needed an accountability process because deep down, I really want to go to this party and I am not going to make any excuses.

I’m currently online looking for variations of my costume. I was a little disappointed to find out that I am not as original as I thought. When I googled it, something actually came up. Now I’m in the debate process of whether to try and come up with something new or to stick with the original plan because I think it’s really funny.

I guess I will check with Maranda since she is going to be coming with me. She doesn’t know it yet, because I’m waiting to get my +1 approved, but I refuse to go it alone so she is coming with me even if I have to dress her up as a dildo and take her as a prop. (By the way, Maranda, it’s next Saturday… clear your schedule).

So stay tuned for pictures next weekend. And let the shenanigans begin….

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