Missing in Action

I know I’ve been missing the last couple of days and it’s not for any reason in particular. Everything is fine. I don’t even have the winter blues yet,. I’ve been busy writing and just haven’t been out in the real world enough to have anything worth talking about. I am putting the finishing touches on the book I just finished and I have decided to send it to an agent in NYC. I know it will take a little longer than going straight to publication, but I think this particular book is worth the wait. Aside from that, I’ve just been writing and working, which is also writing and taking Mel to basketball practice and training. That’s pretty much been my life lately. writing and basketball. I will be back soon (maybe even tomorrow) with an actual blog, but for now, feel free to peruse the archives for any you’ve missed and send questions to ASK ROULETTE so I can answer your very serious life questions with ridiculously good bad advice.


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