My Disappearing Act Reappears

Happy Monday! I know I’ve been missing in action for a few days. Not that I have to explain myself, but I want to. I sometimes feel like I should just write a blog that says “no blog today,” but then it dawns on me that most of you who read this are my facebook friends anyway so you already know what’s happening in my life.   Which lately has been absolutely nothing. If you aren’t my friend on facebook and want to be, just click this handy dandy little link and add me. Then you can see all my daily shenanigans that don’t make the cut here. I do have my Roulette Weekend Facebook page, but I’m really shitty at keeping up with it so there’s a very good chance as the new year makes its way here, I will be deleting it or revamping it, or something.

As winter approaches, I find myself retreating more and more into myself. It happens every year. The winter blahs. Hopefully traveling a bit this winter will keep those at bay. I’ve never been a fan of the cold. Even when I was younger I would beg my mom to let me stay home from school because the alternative was going outside, which I hated with a passion when it was cold. I never outgrew it. My own daughter doesn’t hate the cold. She even moved to Ohio where it snows a lot. Every time it gets cold here in Tennessee, I find myself looking at all the places in Florida I am going to buy when my ship comes in. But for now, my ship is a rented kayak and it’s not getting me much further than the Tennessee River.

The weekend wasn’t a complete loss. I worked Friday and Saturday night for my sister. She runs a Moe’s Southwestern Grill so, on occasion, she calls me to go sell nachos at football games and concerts, which is a pretty cool gig because it gets me out of the house and in the presence of other humans. I don’t get a lot of human interaction these days working at home. So I did that and I finally finalized my book. I ended up sending it to the publisher that wanted to look at it and I sent it to a literary agent in New York. I don’t even know if what I wrote is her cup of tea, but there was a .001% chance that she’d like it, so I sent it anyway. The worst thing that could happen is that I don’t hear back because she didn’t bother reading it and, to me, that’s way better than a rejection letter in writing.

I also got on an erotica page and asked for readers. I figured if I could find a few avid readers to take a look at it who do not know me, they wouldn’t be inclined to tell me how much they love it unless they really do. I’ve already heard back from 2 of them. Apparently, it’s a short read. Less than 2 hours. Now I’m questioning the length. One person said they prefer longer books. And didn’t want to have to buy the second book to read it. The second person said they loved the book, even the length and would rather see the second part in a second book. So for now, the jury is split. I have about 28 more people to go. I’m not going to worry about it too much. I’m just going to start working on the second part and see where it goes. I’m feeling pretty good about it.

That pretty much sums up my little world. What’s been going on in yours?

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