Bad Dream…

I don’t dream very often. Well, I guess I do or at least that’s what they say. “You always dream, you just don’t remember.” So I don’t remember my dreams very often. But when I woke up today, I remembered very clearly the disturbing dream I had.

I was walking with my friend Crystal in Detroit. I’ve never been to Detroit. I’ve never walked in Detroit. I have no idea what Detroit looks like. But in my dream, I was walking down this street with my friend. And I only had on one shoe. A flip-flop. We were walking past everybody’s recyclables, which were mostly brown bottles sitting on the curb in plastic bins or open clear bags. Crystal was telling me to be careful not to cut my feet or my foot that was shoeless. But aside from the recyclables, the sidewalk was very clean. We kept walking until we got to this stairway that led to an upper-level street. By the time I got up the steps, Crystal was gone and I was walking with Mel, my son. We were walking past all these old brick houses with front porches. We were going to some guy’s house that maybe I was dating. I don’t know. I just felt like I knew this guy even though I never saw him in the dream. When we get into the house it is filled with teenage boys. Maybe 6 of them. One of them says something inappropriate and sexual. And I tell him to watch his mouth because my kid is only 13 (in real life he’s 16)  and also that it’s disrespectful for him to talk that way around me because I’m a woman. So the kid apologizes. And somehow I get shoes on my feet. Mel runs to the window and says “SNOW!!!” He’s never seen real snow before because he’s lived in Tennessee all his life so he’s only seen the teaser kind of snow that falls and is gone in a day or so.

We go out on to the porch. Me, in my new sneakers, and all the boys all bundled up and ready to go play. They jump off the porch and go running through the snow that is at least a foot deep. As soon as they get off the porch, one of the kids runs to the side of the house into the yard right next door. It was just a yard. No house sat there. Just grass. He starts running and out of nowhere a cop tackles him to the ground. As soon as they hit the ground a gun goes off. I’m standing on the porch watching all of this unable to move. I look around for Mel. He’s not there. The kid stands up quickly with the cop that tackles him. The cop is saying, “are you ok?” I’m yelling “they were just playing in the snow.” The cop keeps saying, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Are you Ok?” The kid is fine, but about 5 feet from them are two other cops laying in the snow. They hit the ground when the gun went off. One male. One female. The male cop checks on the female cop. She sits up and I can see she’s been shot. The bullet looks like it grazed her ear. But then she turns her head toward me and her whole face is gone. It’s all blood and she falls back onto the ground. Five other cops come to get her. There is no ambulance. All the kids are back on the porch beside me except for Mel. He never reappeared. We watch as they try to get her to walk. But she is lifeless like a rag doll. They keep trying to pick her head up and it keeps falling back. Over and over they push her head forward and her head falls back. They try to stand her up and her legs won’t hold her. After a few minutes, we all finally realize she is dead. Everyone realizes it except for the people holding her. They just keep trying to get her to wake up. Even though she has no face. And probably no pulse. The ambulance never did show up. And then I woke up.

I don’t even think I was asleep for an hour when I had this dream. I’m not much into dream interpretations, but this one was way more disturbing than the dream I had where my teeth started falling out of my head.

I wish when I dreamed and remembered it would be fun, cool dreams like winning the lottery or traveling to Ireland on a flying carpet.


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