My hippie juju

I wrote that blog yesterday telling you all to call in sick to work and then I woke up too sick to work. I’ve been in bed all day. I got up to take Mel to the school bus. Went back to bed. Got up at 11 to wash his work uniform. Went back to bed. Got up at 3 to pick him up and take him to school and then went back to bed until it was time to go get him again. I woke up feeling drained and my throat was sore like I had chewed up glass in my sleep and I was having trouble swallowing the shards. The back of my throat is red and kind of blistery.

My first thought was strep throat. But I haven’t been around any kids or anyone with strep throat for that matter. Then I thought maybe it was allergies from being out in the heat yesterday after it’s been super cold here. But then I remembered that I don’t have seasonal allergies.

Then I remembered. I got that new fish yesterday. Remember? I bought a cute little sucker fish yesterday because I like to buy fish when I’m stressed. So I came home and floated the little fishy in the water (that’s when you put the bag with the fish in it in the water to come up to the same temp). So as he’s floating around in the aquarium, I start cleaning the tank. I do it the old-fashioned way by siphoning the water out and then catching the dirty fish poop water in a bucket. Except for yesterday, I was a little overzealous with the sucking of the hose (it happens) and for the first time since I got that aquarium four years ago, I got a mouthful of poopy fish water. If I’m being honest, it wasn’t terrible tasting. I calmly walked to the bathroom, spit it out, and rinsed my mouth out with tap water. In hindsight, I should have gargled with coconut oil or something, but I wasn’t thinking about it. I wasn’t even thinking about it today when I woke up feeling like I ate a box of razor blades. It didn’t dawn on me until much later in the day that I may have gotten a bacterial infection from the dirty water. Because I NEVER get sick. I hardly ever have a sore throat. I rarely have a headache. And I haven’t had a fever for years. Today, I have it all. At first, it was just the sore throat. Then I felt chilled. Then I got a headache. All day I was beat. So tired. I guess my body wants to heal. And who am I to go against what my body wants? So I stayed in bed. Slept most of the day. And pumped my body full of my hippie juju. So my arsenal at the moment consists of Emergen-C, echinacea tea, raw honey, coconut oil, and, of course, the old faithful flu bomb (garlic, ginger root, honey, lemon, water). I’ve got a few things coming from Amazon that were recommended by my holistic (unofficial) doctor friend.

I know. A lot of people think I should probably go to the doctor. But… if it is strep, antibiotics only help strep go away about a half a day sooner. And it’s probably not strep. My body is doing its thing to get rid of the infection and my hippie juju is just giving my body the extra boost it needs. So I’m going to wing it my way for the next few days and if I get worse (which I doubt) then I will go to the doctor. So my plan is to rest for the rest of the night and hopefully, I will have some more energy tomorrow to get my life back on track.



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