Pothole City

Tennessee. The land of summer temps on Tuesday and snow on Wednesday. I remember when I lived in Pennsylvania. I think they called it the pothole capital of the world. I could be wrong. I do believe that Knoxville has earned that title this year. I have hit so many potholes in the last 3 months that both of my struts are broken. I went to the mechanic last weekend to see what was wrong with my car. I pretty much had myself convinced that I already knew, but I wanted to hear it from a professional and see what the damage was. Turns out, I was right. It was the struts. And some “arm.” On both of my front tires. Only the left one seems like it may roll off at any moment. It’s going to cost $575 to fix it (he gave me a $10 discount). So I’ve been trying to hustle up the money for that unexpected expense. But it was kind of hard this week with my kiddo home with pneumonia. I actually didn’t get nearly enough accomplished. So maybe next week I’ll be more productive. I am taking donations to my Fix the Front End Fund. If you want to donate $5 or $10, you can do that here and it would be endlessly appreciated. I don’t think it’s tax deductible, but you’ll be at the top of my list of people to hook up when I hit the book lottery or the real one.

I’m keeping my phone close because even though the mechanic assured me that the tire will not just break off and roll down the street, I want to be prepared to video it in the off chance that it happens. I’m pretty sure that one would go viral.

The fun part about having a messed up strut is that it kind of fulfills my dream of sitting on one of those tacky vibrating beds that I used to see on television all the time as a child. You know the ones that you put the quarter in? It was usually heart-shaped with a red velvet comforter. So driving over 40mph in my little Honda makes me think that is exactly what the wobble of the heart-shaped bed would feel like. I’m also hopeful that the next time I am in Vegas, I will be able to find one of those beds in some seedy motel off the strip.

So anyway, happy Friday! I’ll keep you posted on the tire situation. Or I’ll post the link to the rolling tire YouTube video.

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