To Meditate or Not to Meditate….It’s not really a question

So I’ve been on this meditative journey for the past year I guess. It started as a short little meditation each day or maybe every other day. I would feel better after I did it. The way you feel when you go to a good church. I would get done and feel refreshed and ready to start my day. It was just a short little ten-minute meditation. But it was kind of like eating Taco Bell. I was full for a little while but soon after I needed more.

At the beginning of 2018, I took it a step further (or ten steps). I started meditating longer in the morning. And then I started meditation in the morning and the evening. Now, I meditate three times a day for a total of sometimes up to three hours. Sometimes much less, but usually daily.

I went to therapy for two years quite a while back and it was not near as helpful as this meditation has been. I’m pretty set on one particular guided meditation. I’ve mentioned her before. Her name is Rasa Lukosuite and she has a YouTube channel which I highly recommend, but lately there have been ads on YouTube so you may (or should) want to go straight to her website and download a few of the meditations. She’s the best person to guide you if you are interested in starting meditation. She has the voice of an angel and literally brings calm into your space.

So I’ve been with her for a few months now on a daily basis. And I think the meditation has brought me to some kind of spiritual awakening. At first, I thought I was maybe going crazy because when I don’t meditate, I’m on edge and kind of moody. I want to be one of those people who stands on the street corner and yells at people that they are missing out on the word of their inner selves. But I think that maybe would make me crazy. So I guess today’s blog is my idea of standing on a corner with my tophat preaching the wonders of meditation.

In the midst of all the inner reflection, I’ve noticed that my tolerance for certain people and situations has lowered. I do realize that you can’t expect people to do for you the way you would do for them, and I’m fine with that, but I had myself convinced that the people that were in my circle on a regular were those kinds of people. And guess what? The universe showed me otherwise. Over and over again. And so, I learned to stop giving energy where energy wasn’t given back. Personally, professionally, romantically. All around. And I feel a lot better.

I’ve met some new people who have shown me a thing or two about energy and crystals. And I know it all sounds a little new age hippie and I’m cool with that. I’ll just add some more patchouli and move on with my life.

But I guess what I’m trying to say is that meditation is a wonderful tool to help with clarity, anxiety, and manifesting the life you want (which I guess is also some new age hippie stuff even though it’s been practiced for centuries). But I guess you all know that I’m a little off anyways so the fact that I could meditate people into and out of my life and feel the energy from crystals shouldn’t really come as a shock. So if you want to be a believer, click one of the links above and try a few minutes of meditation. I’m headed that way now. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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