Day Five of the Clothes Shuffle

I’ve had a very hard time to get motivated to do anything around the house this week… and last week. And if I’m being honest, the week before too. I wouldn’t call it depression. Just a major case of laziness.

But I wake up with the best of intentions. I have a basket of clothes that I washed last week sitting on the floor in my room. Every morning I put them on my bed with the intention of putting them away. Every night, I load them back into the basket to wait another day. I’ve done this for almost a week.

I’ve put them on my handy task list for today so I think I’ll get it done. I’ve already done two things on the list. Write a blog (this one) and take the couch out of the house. I only really took half of the couch out. It’s a sectional and the dogs (really just Zeus) had torn up the back of it and caused all the cushioning to come out of it. I picked up all the foam and then I dragged the broken part out of the house to the curb. I was going to take the whole thing out, but the dogs haven’t actually completely destroyed the other part of it yet so it will live to see another day. At least for now.

I was going to just not have a couch for a while since the dogs are really the only ones who use it but I don’t actually feel like taking the whole couch out now that I’ve taken part of it. Mel is still asleep and I don’t want to wake him up just to help me drag it out so maybe when he wakes up or maybe not until I lose my shit and throw it out in a fit of rage. It’s anybody’s guess.

But I don’t know if I’m actually capable of a fit of rage these days thanks to all these inner peace books I’m reading so it may just sit here until the cushioning gets pulled out of it by the dogs trying to eat the mailman.

Either way, the task list is working. I’m not completing 100% of the things I put on there just yet, but I’m getting way closer to getting things done than I did when I only had a list in my head. So I guess I’m on the right path. Time will tell.

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