Mother’s Day

Although I appreciate the sentiment of a “Happy Mother’s Day” card, phone call or text, I really think the holiday itself is just full of shit. Just like all the other holidays that have been monopolized by guilt and consumerism. My daughter felt really bad when she realized I would be spending Mother’s day alone because she was going out of town and I’d be watching her house. I told her it was my dream to be alone on Mother’s day. That should be the gift. You should get to be alone and do whatever you want on this stupid holiday.

Instead, people are forced to spend even MORE time with their children (or their parents). And what would have been just a normal routine day turns into a day where the mom, if she has young children, has to orchestrate some big elaborate “thing” for her kids to do for her in celebration. And then she has to clean up.

Sure it gets easier as the kids get older. But then it just stresses the kids out. “What do you want for mother’s day?” “What should we do for mom on Mother’s day?”

Here’s my take on it as if you care, but if you do… I chose to have my children. Lot’s of people choose to have children, whether it’s naturally, through adoption, or just inheriting someone else’s kids because someone else doesn’t want to take care of them (this goes for father’s too). None of us are heroes. We shouldn’t have a day to celebrate being a decent human being. You should be a great mom every day (or at least try to) and children should do things for their parent’s all the time (like mine do). Once a year can go suck a dick.

That’s all I’m saying. If you like it and you celebrate it, more power to you. If you’ve sent me a “Happy Mother’s Day,” I do appreciate you taking the time to think about me. But, I don’t need a present. I can buy something for myself if I want. I don’t need a mother’s day dinner or lunch. I can feed myself today. I do need a tan. So I will be sitting by the pool today not giving “mother’s day” another thought.

I hope you all have a great day! “Happy Mother’s Day!”

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