Another Date in Dayton

I went on another date today in this city where I know nobody. It wasn’t a date from an online dating site either. I went on a date with myself. I woke up, worked for a few hours and decided to go downtown on my makeshift lunch break. I knew I’d be gone for more than an hour. But it turned into five hours just like my last tinder date (who I did not end up going out with tonight).

First, I went to the new local library. The place was amazing. It was bright and airy. Full of books, obviously. But it was so much more. It was a place you just want to go and relax. And they have a “green room” that you can use to make videos and record music and other fantastical things.

I wanted to check out a book, but I was told I could only get a “transient” card and it was $25 (nonrefundable). I was pretty sure my daughter had a library card somewhere in her house. Turns out, I was right. I will go get the book tomorrow.

The smell of old books, as I walked through the microfiche section, smelled like all the history lessons I never learned. And there was an old-school card catalog. I almost cried. It was being used to index dead people of Dayton, I think, but it was still cool to see. I wandered aimlessly for a few minutes before I wandered out the door and over to Riverscape Metropark.

They were having Music and Lunch. There was a gourmet sandwich food truck set up right outside the amphitheater where a trio was performing. It was not unlike Knoxville’s Blue Plate Special, it just wasn’t being broadcast live on the radio (I don’t think).

I had a grilled cheese sandwich and a water and a special kid named Patrick came and sat down at my table. He was there with a group of people. And of all the tables in all the world, he came and sat at mine. He was eating chicken salad and fresh fruit. He washed it down with chocolate milk and a chocolate zinger. He was a man of few words. His caretaker eventually came over and sat with us breaking the ice. Our impromptu date turned out lovely. I stayed for a few songs after I finished my sandwich and then left to go find the Dayton Art Institute.

I walked most of the way until I found the bike rental. I hopped on a bike and thanked God that I still knew how to ride. I guess it really is one of those things you don’t forget. And my ass doesn’t hurt at all.

I got to the art museum and walked through all the exhibits. Some of them didn’t grab me by the soul but a lot of them did. I took pictures of the things that made me stir. They are on my Instagram if you want to check them out. Or my Facebook (if you want to be friends with a crazy person).

I left the art gallery and got back on a bike and pedaled downtown. Once I returned the bike, I returned to the library once again. I just couldn’t stay away. Plus, I was parked in their free parking garage.

I walked the place one more time before gently caressing the stairway on my way out and whispering “I’ll be back” in a creepy stalkerish voice to no one.

I went to my car and tried to leave the parking lot going the wrong way. I had to back up and go the other way, where I then got flagged down by security telling me to slow down. He said I had to go five miles an hour and he wanted to know how the hell I went the wrong way when it was so clearly marked. I told him I was looking really pretty today so I didn’t have to act smart. And then I told him that I wasn’t sure my car could even go five miles an hour. She’s never done it before. I guess I’m funny. He patted my car like you see people do in the movies. I guess giving me the all clear to get out of the parking garage and I slowly crept out — going sarcastically slow.

All in all, it was a really great day. And I didn’t think about anyone today besides myself and what I wanted to do. No lost loves. No regretful ponderings of past relationships. Nothing. I was clear headed most of the day and found myself enjoying the wonders of Dayton and the wonders of Life in a childlike way.

Yep, it was a good day. You should definitely take yourself out on a date. Shut off your ringer and just go. But keep your phone with you. The GPS will definitely come in handy.

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