The Shortest First Day Ever

Well, my first day of work was short lived. I’m not sure if I can’t work in food service or if I can’t work with not so nice people. I showed up at 6:15. My start time was 6:30. I waited for the owner to come let me in the building. A couple of the workers were already in there. It was a cafe. A place that sold biscuits, eggs, bacon, sausage, cinnamon rolls, and bacon. For lunch they had burgers and wraps and sandwiches, all of which included bacon. Not that I have anything against bacon but there was just so much of it. And styrofoam. So much styrofoam. Both of those things I could have probably gotten used to or at least dealt with, unfortunately one of the women who worked there was not so nice. It wasn’t that she was a bitch really. She just kept telling me to do things and when I did them she would tell me I did them wrong. Well, last time I checked when you were supposed to be training someone, you show them the way it is supposed to be done before you tell them to do it. It was like she was telling me to do it because she knew it would be wrong and she could “correct” me. It didn’t take long before I gave up on standing next to her to learn anything. Then I moved to the register. A computer system that was pretty darn simple. So simple I was being trained by a 17 year old who had only worked there a month. But she wouldn’t give me the code to log onto the computer. So if there was a customer, I had to wait, like I didn’t know what I was doing because she wouldn’t give me the code. I eventually memorized it and she looked really confused when she came over and I was already halfway through ringing someone up. I mean, seriously, I’m not going to steal from a place that has one customer every five minutes. If I’m going to steal, I’m going to get a job at a bank and deposit nickels in my account all day or something ridiculous like that. Either way, I was bored and irritated by 8:30. By ten I decided I wasn’t staying for the rest of the day if they didn’t need me to. So I walked up to the manager, halfway laughing, and I said to her, “hey, so this is the awkward part where I tell you I’m going on break and then I never come back.” I told her food service wasn’t for me and if it was, then maybe that job just wasn’t. I told her I would stay for the day if she needed me to, but there was really no point in training me any further because I was not going to be returning. It didn’t make my heart happy. It didn’t make my soul sing. I do realize that I am going to be awfully disappointed if that’s my criteria for a job, but it just didn’t feel right. I think I would have hated going there every single day. After I left, the owner text me and asked me what happened. I told him that it just wasn’t my cup of tea and one of his employees was not so pleasant. And then I thanked him for giving me the opportunity to work.

And nothing.

Another pet peeve of mine is when I reply to a text you sent me and then you can’t be bothered with a reply. Sure, maybe you’re mad that I didn’t stay, but aren’t we all adults here?

Yes, that was a rhetorical question.

Anyway, I have another job interview tomorrow at 9. I will start it on the 25th. I’m pretty certain I already got the job, because I had a phone interview. I think tomorrow is just a formality. That’s doing grocery store resets. I think a lot of it is working alone or with a couple of people. It pays a few dollars more than the cafe and it’s steady work at least through October, but after that, I can move on to something else if I want.

So, I’m not going to get stressed because I’m back on my optimism unicorn now so I know things will work out one way or another.

I’ll keep you posted.

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