Another First Day

I finally found a “real” job. I’m back in the “real” world and snapped out of my daydream where I’m a writer and get to stay home all day doing what I love. But I’m not sad about it. I had a really good first day at work. I got there on time. I stayed the whole day. I’m even planning on going back Thursday (tomorrow is a holiday so I’m off).

I’m always torn when it comes to working. I don’t really like working for big corporations because they are all about the bottom line and usually don’t give a shit about their employees (Walmart, Amazon, etc.), but then I’m also never really sure for working for a small business because at any moment they may not be able to afford me, which was my most recent issue and an issue I’ve had two other times in my life. But I feel like I found a happy balance with this job. It’s a small business, but it has longevity. And the owners are really, really, nice human beings. Not fake nice either. Genuine nice. So nice, that two hours after I left work, I got a text from one of the owners thanking me for being such a big help today. If I was able to be emotional, it would have brought a tear to my eye. It was really nice.

So I guess until I win the lottery or my writing career takes off in a ridiculously lucrative way, I have found my new career. Even though it was a little disorganized today because the regular secretary had been out for a week-ish, it was still a really well run establishment. I know most people don’t appreciate that, but I truly do. Especially since I have worked for A LOT of not so well run establishments.

So I’m glad I didn’t just settle for the first thing that came along. I probably won’t be saying that when my phone and internet are off and I’m having to sleep on someone’s couch because I couldn’t pay my rent because it took me a month to find, but after I get through that little hurdle, I think I will be really glad I’m not serving processed meat at 6am with women who hate each other. That’s another perk. There is literally one other woman that I have to work with. And I stalked her facebook and she looks perfectly relatable. Everyone else is men and they are all gone by the time I get there. So essentially, it’s like working alone. And the office has a kitchen and a couch. So really, it’s like working at home. As soon as the other secretary comes back and I can take an actual “lunch break,” I think I may even be able to squeeze my 30-minute daily nap in. But I’m not going to get ahead of myself. I just really like naps. They are good for the soul. So, now, it’s not even 9 pm. I washed my sheets when I got home. My bed is naked and I’m about to go fall into it, sheetless because I am literally that tired. Who knew waking up an hour earlier and missing a nap would wreak such havoc on my eyelids?

Actually, I did, but I was in denial and I was excited about this job. And I get to go to bed just as excited that I get to go back again, which is a huge relief, not only to me but probably to a lot of people who have been worried that I was spiraling deep into the abyss, but like I said before, single people don’t have that luxury. So, my shit is being held together. Last string included and I’ve found an awesome job. So, I guess I’m still lucky.

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