No plans, man

Well now that it took me three days to get the weekend out of the way, it is almost the weekend again. I don’t have any big plans besides getting my house cleaned up (not to be confused with clean) and doing yard work. I also have a few plants to pot. I need to separate my aloe plants. They are getting crowded and look like they are dying. And I also need to get an avocado tree into some dirt. I started it from seed. I actually started about five, but only one is thriving so far. It takes avocados a while to get their footing, I guess. Maybe that’s why it’s my soulmate food. I still haven’t managed to get my footing in life either.

On a brighter note, the new job is going swimmingly well and I get paid today. Yay! for being able to pay rent. The internet and cable will still be shut off, but some people aren’t lucky enough to even have a roof over their head so I’m definitely done complaining. I’m feeling a lot better about life this week. It’s amazing how money or the lack of it can completely change your outlook. I guess any situation has the ability to change your outlook. Just like every situation has the ability to open your eyes. I lost another friend this week. Hopefully not forever, but it is definitely for now. My friend who had the mental breakdown is still refusing to talk to me because she is blaming me and our other friend for causing it… from 400-800 miles away. I know it’s easier to point the finger and blame someone else when you don’t want to take responsibility for your actions. I’ve just never been one to do that. Hell, I’ll take the blame when I didn’t even do anything if its not too serious and can be fixed with an apology. Obviously, I wouldn’t take the blame for murdering someone. I’d much rather get the credit for that. Mostly because I’d make it really creative. Like killing them and then drawing an intricate map of where they are buried and send it out in pieces only to bring them full circle back the place they had been standing at the beginning. Now that my evil plan is foiled, I guess there will be no murders. But I digress…

Like I was saying, the week has been going well. I’m heading to work in just a few minutes. I woke up super productive today. Did the dishes. Juiced. Made a smoothie and a chai tea for the road. I’m convinced it’s going to be a great day and there is poetry tonight. I went to poetry Tuesday night also. I didn’t read anything and I never participate in the slams because I don’t have much of my stuff memorized and I think that in order to win, you should have ALL of your shit memorized, and so, I usually judge, but I have been extra tired this week, so I didn’t even stay until they got to the end of  the list. Another reason I didn’t read. I also think it’s rude to read your own poem and then leave before everybody else has had their turn. I did meet a guy there, though. I have no idea how old he is, but he was really cute in a smart kind of way. He had a nice face, he was easy to talk to. But that was the extent of it. We chatted for a bit and then some poets that I knew came and sat at my table and then we got involved in our own little conversations and listening to poetry and then I dipped out. I did tell him bye, just so he didn’t think I was an asshole. Anyway, he was interesting enough that he made it in the blog. So maybe I’ll see him again some time.

I probably won’t read at tonight’s poetry reading, but sometimes it’s good to just sit back and enjoy other people’s works. So that’s probably what I will do. Anyway, off to work, just didn’t want to leave everyone thinking I was still in my “woe is me” bad mood. I’m not, life goes on, moods change, we get through things.

Until tomorrow…

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