Why You Should Share Your Story

I went to open mic poetry tonight. This is the second one I’ve been to this week. The great thing about Knoxville is that we have great poets. The shitty thing about Knoxville is that we only get together twice a month. And in the same week usually. The second Tuesday and the second Thursday […]

No plans, man

Well now that it took me three days to get the weekend out of the way, it is almost the weekend again. I don’t have any big plans besides getting my house cleaned up (not to be confused with clean) and doing yard work. I also have a few plants to pot. I need to […]

The First Day of the Rest of My Life

I woke up yesterday to a cloudy, dreary day. Saturday had been great. It was sunny. I drove my friend to Atlanta to buy a car, we came home, went to eat, wandered around downtown. Everything was perfect. Not that everything is not perfect right now. I’m not usually in the habit of complaining. It’s […]

The Hammock Fell

Well, as you know I was seeing Hammock guy. And things were good, but something was missing. I realized it was magic. Or chemistry. Call it what you will. So I broke it off with him. It was funny because when we were out hiking, I was fine. I had fun. But when we were […]

Love (NaPoWriMo 2018-4)

Driving through the snow I’m the only car on the road The plows haven’t even made it here yet The radio says, “blizzard advisory, stay indoors, only go out if you have to.” My belly growls. The kids are restless. “When is this going to end?” they ask. “Soon,” I tell them I watch in […]