Always moving on

I went to brunch at my favorite restaurant Sunday with one of my favorite people. We were catching up on life and love and the pursuit of happiness when she said that I haven’t been blogging much. I think that falls under all three of those former categories. Blogging makes me happy and blogging about life and love are kind of my thing. But I haven’t been blogging about anything lately because I don’t have time to live my life. My life currently consists of working and driving. I drive to work, I work my 8 ish hours and then I drive to get my kid. By time I get home, it’s really too late to do anything and still get my 8 hours of sleep. So my life has become mundane and boring and hum drum. Which leaves nothing at all to write about. So I guess I need to step up my excitement. Or maybe try to find it in small doses. I just don’t know how to do anything in small doses. Everything in my life is either zero percent or one hundred percent. I don’t have a middle. I never have. It’s one of my character flaws. So is needing to be entertained. I always put that on my dating profiles that I need constant entertainment because I bore easily. It’s a fact. I can be on a dating site for less than 48 hours and be bored. I know people who stay on dating sites for years and never bore of it. I can barely get through a weekend without losing interest. My most recent dating site exploration is bumble. It’s geared toward women, I think. Or at least women have to make the first move. You still do the swipe left, swipe right thing, but then if you match, the guy cannot send you a message first. Or a dick pic. You have to send a message to him within 24 hours or he disappears forever. Which I have thus translated into : “bumble says you have 24 hours left to live if I don’t say hi. I just saved your life.”

If I get a laugh out of it, then I know they are at least worth a second sentence to. If they ignore my obvious wit and humor, I move on. Like I said, I need entertained. I want someone to banter with me. I think I really just want someone who knows how to have a conversation, isn’t too terribly damaged, and doesn’t have a wife. Obviously, the list is way longer than that, but I feel like that’s a good starting point. Which leads me to the date.

I have a breakfast date on Saturday. He asked me on Sunday night. He said the week would be no good because of work. I agreed the same held true for me. So breakfast on Saturday it is. He’s very entertaining. He kind of made me think of flea market guy because he’s opposite of everything I usually go for. And flea market guy backfired in my face as we all know, but I didn’t want to let him ruin it for everyone else even though I am fairly skeptical because of him, but I like this guys face. He has good energy. He looks fun. And I’m not bored yet. I don’t know what I’ll call him yet. I’ll give him a name Saturday after brunch/breakfast. But for now, that’s about all the excitement I have going on.

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