Trivia Night and Bumble Guy’s Real Name

Bumble guy and I met tonight to play trivia. We went to his local watering hole. I didn’t drink. I was too tired and didn’t need anything else adding to my exhaustion. But we had a really good time and we were in 3rd place for a while. But of course I suggested we bet it all on the last question and then we got it wrong. But I’m not stranger to losing so it didn’t really matter to me. Nate (Bumble guy) seemed unphased too, which is great because I can’t stand a sore loser. It was fun. I think that’s all that matters. I say that as I plan a strategy to win next week. But I think for us being on a team of our own, temporary third place was pretty good. I won’t see him tomorrow. I’ve got to work a game after work. And we are both working Saturday. So I guess maybe Saturday night, but definitely Sunday. He’s teaching me how to play golf…I think he’s a republican, but I’m too tired tonight to worry about it. I’ll save the politics for a day when I’ve had my rest and have meditated.

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