I don’t usually blog on Saturdays, but I secretly (now not so secretly) told myself that I was going to blog every single day in October. Partly because I was hoping my life would get way more exciting than it currently is and also because I just need to get back into the habit of writing. I may or may not be drunk right now. I would err on the side of “may.” I’ve had at least two handfuls of “firewater.” Nate made the firewater, I think I mentioned it earlier. He mixed everclear with water and honey in certain (very specific) ratios. Nate says I only need two fingers and he holds his fingers close together. I hold up a sideways peace sign and tell him I want these two fingers. I’ve had at least five fingers. Which I guess would equate to “two hands” of firewater. I tried to talk him into singing karaoke, but he is enthralled in the Yankees game right now. Go Yankees. I guess “we” are winning. I can’t find my Yankees Tee so maybe I’m not really a fan. I went to an art show tonight at the gallery that Nate works at. I looked at a bunch of super cool boats that cost a cool $2200. I would have bought one but my lottery winnings have been lacking lately. And my firewater is lacking right now. I’ve finished off the bottle he made for us last week. And I guess there won’t be anymore tonight even though he made more, but he doesn’t want to dance or sing karaoke tonight so I think that means I’m done drinking. So I guess I’m just going to continue to sit here and look at baseball butts because isn’t that what baseball is all about?

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