The Princess Finally Got Her Crown

I broke a tooth a few weeks ago. Actually, a porcelain filling broke out of my tooth a few weeks ago. I went to the dentist and got an appointment to come back to get a temporary crown and then eventually a permanent one. The day my tooth broke, it reminded me all too well of that dream I always have where my teeth crumble out of my head onto the floor and I try to sweep them all up so I can put them back, but I never succeed. The dream experts say it’s a sign of anxiety. It’s probably also a sign that I feel like I never succeed no matter how hard I try.  I have this dream a lot. But when my tooth actually broke out of my head, I panicked. So, today, I went, without dental insurance, to go get a crown on my tooth. I will be paying it off for the next 3-5 months (and that’s on the optimistic side). I will also have to work every Saturday, either at my regular job or some other gig I can manage to pick up to be able to afford to pay it off. But I have a shiny new temporary tooth for the next few weeks and then I will get a shiny new permanent tooth. I could have gotten the tooth pulled out for a fraction of what I’m paying for the crown, but I was worried my teeth may shift and I was worried that you’d see a gaping hole in my mouth when I laughed because I have a tendency to laugh big. So I guess in the long run, it will be worth it. I haven’t had the heart to tell my kid that mommy just spent his “first car’ money that I had intended on saving up on one single tooth. I’ve decided I’ll be able to somehow work it out and swing both. I have a knack for turning the impossible into possible. I just need to put my mind to it and get to manifesting. And I think manifesting money or cars or teeth is a way better use of my time than manifesting mates, matches, and men because I am failing miserably at that. So, it’s time to forget about loving and being loved and time to pull up my big girl pants and go make some cash. And I’m not even going to complain about the crown, because since Prince Charming doesn’t actually exist, it may be the only crown I ever get.

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