Let Her Fly

When the next girl comes along, I hope you make her feel like she matters. 

I hope you remember all the things that you like about her and tell her often. 

When the next girl comes along, I hope when she looks at you like you would never do her wrong, that you choose every day to make sure she is right. 

And when you slip and do something stupid, I hope you take the time to explain away her doubts and show her you are serious about her. 

When the next girl comes along, I hope she tells jokes that bring out the dimples in your smile and the laugh lines around your eyes. And I hope you never get bored with her. 

I hope you make her feel loved by washing her hair at the end of the day and reminding her that no matter how bad it gets, you aren’t going to do anything but be there for her. 

When the next girl comes along, I hope when you are cooking together and singing silly songs to each other at midnight, that you take that feeling and hold on to it as long as you can because you never know when it will end. 

And when she gets mad at you for something that you consider insignificant and she storms out, I hope you get up and go after her instead of letting her walk away feeling like she is insignificant. 

When the next girl comes along, I hope the thought of losing her makes you gasp for air the same way staying underwater for too long does. I hope she rattles your soul and makes you think that there is no way on earth anything could be better than this moment, better than her. 

I hope you remember all the heartache you’ve caused over the years and choose to do things differently this time because she is worth all the effort. 

When the next girl comes along, I hope you let her know you thought she didn’t exist. I hope you tell her every day that she is beautiful whether she has gained 10 pounds or lost it, whether her hair is long or short, whether she’s smiling or crying on the couch. 

And when things get rough and life isn’t perfect anymore, because we both know that things aren’t always perfect, I hope you push through the doubts and experiences of your past and talk to her. I hope you choose to work it out. I hope you listen to her even when you think she’s being delusional. I hope you put yourself in her shoes and ask yourself how you would feel if she did that to you. And when she gets jealous, take her out and show her off and make sure she feels like you are proud to have her by your side and in your life. Don’t make her feel like a secret. 

And when the next girl comes along, if you haven’t grown into the person she needs, please let her keep walking, because before she met you, she was able to fly and she doesn’t need someone who will slowly cut back her wings until she has forgotten what flying is like. She needs someone who is not afraid of heights. Someone who will go with her. 

So if you aren’t ready to be that to her, just don’t introduce yourself. Don’t charm her with your lies. Don’t show her those dimples. Don’t look at her in that way that will make her fall. Just let her keep walking. Let her fly. 

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