Soul Sucking Jobs and Sabbaticals

I applied for a soul sucking job with the city today. Actually, I had applied a week ago. I went and took the skills test today. And, to be fair, maybe it’s not a soul sucking job. Maybe there is a job with the city that would fulfill my creativity while also allowing me time to travel or, even better, pay me to travel, all while contributing to my 401k and qualifying me for state health insurance.  I told you I was imaginative. But either way, I went and took the typing test and the skills test which was multiple choice and asked a lot of questions about office etiquette. That part was funny because the last office I was in had zero etiquette so I’m not sure how I would react to a “professional” office environment. I’d have to go shopping and everything. But I would be off on the weekends (maybe).

I also applied to go on a month long sabbatical to Antarctica and help study the effects of plastics on the environment. No, I am not a scientist. But that was not a qualification. Apparently you just had to be in pretty good health and over 18. Check. And Check. I only had 500 words to convince them why I should be one of the 6 they picked. I led with, “I can write about it in ways that aren’t really “sciency” and can help everyone understand not just the intellectuals” and then I ended with “and if some of us die, you can eat me first, because I’m mostly organic.”

I think that second part will really be the part that gets me in. I do hate cold weather, but I also look really good in furry hats and boots. Also, who doesn’t want to trudge through ANTARCTICA??? I imagine we’d be walking out in the middle of nowhere or riding snowmobiles. Imagine the open air. The clean air. I’m getting chills just thinking about it.

It’s funny that I would even want to attempt a trip like that considering I was chilled to the bone when I went to Chicago. But also, it was about -15 or -20 that year. And Antarctica is only -40 so I think I could do it. And the pictures. You all would be so sick of the pictures I would post. There would be hundreds. Maybe thousands.

So. Many. Selfies.

Anyway, a girl can dream right? So I got my application in and now we wait. The great part about it is that we don’t have to wait too long because they are picking a winner next week and the trip is mid November of this year. That means I have a little over a month to figure out what kind of clothes I need to take. I’m thinking probably a lot of long johns. And wool. I should probably get used to wearing wool. I’ve never been a fan. Not even on my feet. And definitely not on my neck. Do they make wool scarves? I’m sure they do. They make everything else.

So I’m going to start shopping on Amazon for “outfits fit for Antarctica winters” and see what comes up. In the meantime, wish me luck and if you find any cool thermal underwear, send them my way. . .

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