Productivity Journal 101

As you may remember, I “lost” my job about a month ago. I’ve been working odd jobs that involve sparking joy in other people’s lives by helping them de-clutter, I’ve added dog walking, food delivery, and grocery shopping to my list of hustles along with writing. Unfortunately, I have more “side hustles” than I do writing hustles. But that’s OK for now.

I’m not the most organized person in my own life. I am, however, really good at organizing other people’s lives. I’m usually OK with mine being a little disheveled most of the time. But in an effort to get it together, I decided to make myself a productivity journal of sorts. I bought an empty sketch book. I don’t really sketch. I’m not very artistic when it comes to drawing and the like, but I bought it and doodled my way to a “planner.”

It’s very elementary at the moment. And I spent way too much time thinking through what I thought were essential items on each page, which all vary slightly from one page to the next. I basically added a few to do lists: work to do, house to do, and self-care to do, which I think is the most important of the three. I also added a couple of pick me up spaces where I can write what I’m grateful for today, a daily intention, something nice about myself, etc. I spent way too much time on it and only got to the end of the month, but in my defense, I was doing it while watching Lifetime Christmas movies (or halfway watching them). Sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do even if that is escaping reality with a Lifetime movie.


I think we are all too hard on ourselves especially when we are going against the grain and not doing what “society” thinks we should do. I used to care. Now, I just want to be happy and do what makes me happy. I spent the last 26 years counting down to the day when I didn’t have to take care of anybody but myself and while I am not there yet, I do have a pretty self sufficient kid and, now, I have a really supportive partner in my life who is beside me 100% and said that I can just continue doing my “hustles” so I have money, but he wants to focus on paying the bills for a while and let me focus on writing.

What could be better than that???

Speaking of writing. I only have 50 pages left of edits for The Nora Tree. Those of you who read that book when I first self published it and liked it, are truly angels. Upon re-reading it, I found that I absolutely hated the dream sequences that I put in there and if you have the book, you are welcome to return it to me for the newer (signed) version when I get it completed. Maybe even for the whole series. I’m not above bribery to get the old one out of circulation even though only a handful of you own it. Then again, if the newer version does well and the series takes off, maybe the original will make you rich.

Ahhh, it’s nice to dream, isn’t it?

Anyway, all is right in my world right now. My stress level is at a solid 0 and I’m hoping it continues to stay there, but tomorrow is a new day.

I do want to thank you all for coming back day after day to read about my little life and the misadventures. See you tomorrow.

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