I’m Obsessed with the Coronavirus

I’ve been obsessed with watching this Coronavirus drama unfold. It’s like a real life end of the world movie. Not that I really want the world to end, but I am fascinated with plagues and things that could potentially end humanity or large chunks of it. Maybe I’ve watched too much walking dead. Maybe I’m just fucked up in the head. Either way, I’m still obsessed.

It started as just a couple of cases and no deaths. And then a couple hundred cases and a few deaths. And then a couple thousand cases and a couple hundred deaths. And it just keeps rising. The numbers are almost doubling every two days. Yes, I’m counting.  And it fascinates me.

I wish I had been more into science when I was in school. You never really appreciate the things they are trying to teach you and how practical it may become to your real life until you are surrounded by viruses and death.

You would think my obsession is because of my widespread panic, but I’m not really panicked about it. And just to be clear, it’s not because our fearless leader of a President has said “he” has it under control. I’m more inclined to be scared just because he said it’s under control and I think he wouldn’t know the truth if it was shining down on him like his tanning bed. But that’s a topic for another day.

I have myself convinced that I’m in the safe zone. I never get sick so I tell myself the likelihood of me dying from the coronavirus if I get it are slim to none. Then I remind myself that people who say they never get sick are usually the ones who die from getting sick, but still I’m optimistic.

I do feel bad about the fact that so many people are dying from this coronavirus, but then I think back on history, which also wasn’t at the top of my academic accomplishments, and remember that the world replenishes itself every so often and maybe it’s about time for a really good pandemic. I know it makes me an asshole to say things like “survival of the fittest.” Flea Market Guy calls me a Darwinian, because I’m a fan of “only the strong survive” and I don’t have a problem with diseases and natural disasters coming through and taking out half of mankind. I guess it’s easy for me to say that because I’ve never lost anyone to either and I’m definitely not saying that anyone deserves to die or be swept away in a tsunami. I’m just saying that it is literally inevitable if you live on Earth.

I’m not so relaxed about this new coronavirus that I’m not taking precautions. I’ve started taking extra vitamin C, elderberry syrup, added zinc to my daily routine and I may even get a flu shot to keep from getting anything that may lower my immune system but the jury is still out on that one. I have never gotten the flu shot and I have never gotten the flu. But I’m getting older and maybe it’s time I start thinking about not dying.

The coronavirus has taken some of the attention away from the flu that was promising to be quite dastardly this year. They did cancel school last week because of illness. I have a friend who has the flu. Being the great friend I am, I tried to convince her it was the other one. Maybe I am an asshole. Or maybe I’m just not the kind of friend the world needs in the midst of a health crises. She’s getting better so I don’t feel bad about scaring her.

Either way, I’m still obsessed and I’ll keep watching the stats and you may hear more about it this week. Stay safe out there and take care of yourselves.

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