JLo’s Halftime Show and Perspective

I was talking to my BFF this morning about the Superbowl Halftime show. She hated it. I loved it. She didn’t actually hate it, she just didn’t care for the JLo portion of it with the stripper pole and JLo’s ass hanging out. She liked Shakira’s act. I actually really liked the ass hanging out stripper part. I liked the whole thing, but the fact that Jennifer Lopez at 50ish still has an amazing body and can rock an outfit (or lack of an outfit as my friend pointed out) that shows all her assets while climbing a stripper pole in the middle of a football stadium, is something to be applauded in my book.

I think she’s amazing. After talking it out for a little while longer, I found out that my friend just generally dislikes Jennifer Lopez. She’s says it’s because she’s not charitable and doesn’t donate her money to any causes. I ended up looking it up and found that she did, but my friend says, maybe $2. And I don’t have enough facts to argue. Nor do I care. I’m still a fan of Jenny from the Block. I probably always will be and it’s ok if my friend is not.

Then I got to thinking about who my least favorite performer is and for no good reason it is Usher. I know everybody loves him. And I agree that he is a great singer and performer, but as a person, he rubs me the wrong way. Years ago, I saw him on some episode of reality TV. I don’t know if it was Punk’d or something like it but someone was pranking him and he was a total dick. Maybe he was having a bad day. Maybe it was a terrible prank. I’m not sure, but something he did made me dislike him in general. So when he was singing on the Grammy’s in the Prince tribute, I was not moved. I watched it and didn’t turn it off like I would if it had been R.Kelly. But I just don’t really care for Usher. Not that it matters. I’m sure lots of people dislike me for one reason or another and it’s Ok. Like the old saying goes, “the way people feel about you is none of your fucking business.” So I’m sure Usher doesn’t care about my disdain for him any more than JLo cares about my friend’s dislike for her.

But perspective is a funny thing. One little incident or action, or in my friend’s case, lack of action can predict the way you feel about a person forever. I know they say forgive and forget, but sometimes it’s really easy to remember the feeling someone gave you versus the action they took to give you that feeling. Not just famous people but the people in your life as well. Sometimes people without even knowing they are doing it will lay the foundation of something that you feel inside when you are around them and you will always feel that feeling at the sound of their voice or seeing their face or hearing their name. It doesn’t matter if that person has found Jesus or changed their life, sometimes someone just rubs you the wrong way and it sticks to you like fly paper and you can never really get it to go away.

I’m really the worst about that. I can hold a grudge for a literal lifetime. Hurt me once and I will remember the way it made me feel forever. Long after I have forgotten what it was you actually did. I’ve been trying really hard to get over that, but so far, I’m still failing in that area. But everything happens in time so maybe I will become more forgiving, if that’s even the word it should be called. But that’s neither here nor there.

Back to the halftime show. I’m on the side of “It was awesome.” My friend is on the side of “It was awful.” Where are you?

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