After little bird left the nest, I really did decide to turn his bedroom into an office. I’m sitting in it right now. It only has a desk and this computer that I’m typing on, but it’s a work in progress. We got this super cool looking door at an antique shop. I wanted a “floating” desk and some “floating” bookshelves. Originally we were going to get some 2×4’s and wood glue them together, sand them down, stain them and poly them, but I stopped at an antique shop and found this door.

Antique Door…. with the address still on it!

It was flat and it looked like it was basically made with 2×5’s and it was already in one piece. It was a lot bigger than I wanted but I figured Flea Market Guy could cut it down to size. I got him a circular saw for Father’s Day (mostly because I knew I wanted to do some work around the house…two birds and all that). He wanted one so it was a win-win situation. So I brought the door home in the back of my little hatchback. I wrapped a yoga mat around the end of it so the hatchback door didn’t get messed up and didn’t mess the antique door up because there was no real way to “strap” it down. The door hung about 8 inches out of the car and I had to put the back seats down to get it in. Flea Market Guy has a pickup truck that would have made it much easier, but I am impatient and have a “I can do it just fine” mindset. Plus, it was only $25 and even if it had been sitting there for 9 months, I was worried that it would be gone when I got back. So me and 2541 took a long slow drive home, because the antique shop was about 30 miles from the house.

Anyway, got her home and we measured how long I wanted the desk and how wide. FMG thought the size I wanted to make the desk was too big. Of course, I replied, “I like it big” and gave him a wink and that was the end of the discussion. So he cut the desk down to 6′ long by 28 or 29″ wide and I started peeling and sanding and staining.

As you can see, the door had been pretty well loved and used often.

Since our house was built in 1945, the floor is a little off and the walls aren’t completely square so if you look really close, you can see how the desk touches the wall at the beginning but is slightly away from the wall at the end. It was a problem I could live with. We left the address on the door. I was hoping to go for a “nautical” look in the room since the floor is grey and the walls are coral and sand, but FMG says that instead of “weathering” the door I just made it look haunted. But, I’m ok with that too. So however you see it, weathered, distressed, haunted, that’s how it ended up and it’s the perfect computer desk!

Floating desk with the computer on it…. (yes, that’s an old Moe’s Southwestern Grill chair. I am on the hunt for the perfect office chair).

I still have to add all my creative mojo and FMG and I are going to build the “floating” bookshelves at some point, which are a little different than this desk. So stay tuned for that. We are definitely no Joanna and Chip Gaines but he likes to cut stuff and I like to paint, stain, and play with polyurethane so who knows what could happen in this room. Eventually it will be complete, but it’s comfy enough right now that I felt like writing and I haven’t felt that way in what seems like months!

Cheers To Creativity and to my new Studio 2541!!!!

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