So I started a business. It’s weird saying that I have a “business.” The funny part about it is that it’s a business that I did not know existed six months ago.

I’ve always known about Beachbody and P90X and Insanity and all those Beachbody programs. What I did not know was that I could use the products, work out, and create a “team” of people who were also using the products, working out, and holding each other accountable. I also didn’t know that I could do that and make a little bit of money.

I know I mentioned before that I’ve never been one to think very highly of multi level marketing or network marketing. And, for the most part, I haven’t changed my mind. The programs and the products that I am using have changed my mind.

I was never against it because of how you make money in a network marketing business. I just never found a product that I could truly get behind. Right before I started doing Beachbody, I had looked into another company that sold similar products, but they did not have a workout program to go with it. They didn’t have the accountability groups that I love so much. And they also had products that would allow you to “cheat” on your nutrition by blocking carbs and whatnot. While I’m sure there are people who are super thrilled those products exist, I was looking for something more natural. I didn’t want to rely on products to maintain my weightloss, especially if I was not working out.

I have this aunt who is over fifty and is built like a goddess. I just turned 45. That’s the goal I am reaching for. She bikes, runs & swims daily. Maybe not all three, but sometimes all three. And every time I see her or see pictures of her, I think of all the time I lost sitting around being stagnant.

I want to find the athlete in me.

I had kids at 17, but even before that, I was not athletic. I would walk to school. Sometimes I attempted running. But being active was not part of a lifestyle that was introduced to me when I was young. So as an adult, it’s not a thing I chased after.

Now that my kids are all grown up and I have a lot more time to get to know myself, I wish that I had been athletic my whole life. I know that I will never get on my aunt’s level and do a triathlon, but I do have intentions of running a marathon before I turn 46 in October.

And that’s where this business has swooped in and helped me.

I have to be accountable because now I have clients looking at me and counting on me to do my workouts and to eat healthy and to do my personal development. They look to me to keep pushing so that they know that they can keep pushing too.

And to me, that’s the best business a person could ever get into. I’ve always wanted to have a business where I could help people get healthy, but there was always that little voice in the back of my mind that said, “you aren’t qualified.” “Who would want to listen to you?” “You don’t know what you are talking about.” “You aren’t a personal trainer.”

And now I realize, I don’t have to be a personal trainer. I don’t have to be “qualified.” Beachbody is the qualification. They have done the research. They have created the products. They have hired the trainers to create the programs. All I have to do is use the products. Show they work. And show other people that they can do the same exact thing as me. I get to show them that there really is nothing “special” about me. I haven’t been an athlete my whole life. I am not “qualified” to teach a class. I’m just a regular gal, just like all the other women who were tired of being tired. Who were sick of being overweight. And who were ready to do something different. And that something different turned out to be Beachbody.

And now, not only am I helping other people get healthy, I get to build a business. I get to find other people who I think would be great coaches and then I get to convince them, the same way my coach convinced me, that the fire inside of them is begging to come out. It’s been hiding too long. And now is our time to light the world on fire!

And I am so excited about it. But I’m also super scared.

Because I’ve never had my own business before. I’ve always run other people’s businesses. And that’s really easy when you have no skin in the game. Plus, you can see things differently on the outside looking in.

This business is taking me WAAAY out of my comfort zone. I have to make social media videos. I have to have conversations with other people and ask them if they want to join me. And I have to be OK when they tell me “no.” And they tell me “no” alot.

Then I have to remind myself that they aren’t saying no to me. They are saying no to themselves. And then I have to remind myself how long I said no to myself before finally saying yes. And then I have to remember to breathe and tell myself that businesses don’t just pop up today and become successful tomorrow. It takes lots of blood, sweat, and tears.

So I’m far far away from my comfort zone, but I think alot of us do the easy thing so we don’t have to get out of our comfort zones. Now, I’m getting out of my way and I am pushing forward and creating a whole community of women (and men) who are cheering each other on and saying yes to themselves, together.

And I will not stop.

And of course there is a shameless plug here. If you want to join me and join my FREE accountability group, you can do that here if you are in the US, the UK, France, or Canada.


  1. You are an athlete. You are a trainer . You are an inspiration And don’t ever forget it.

    I trained at the olympic training center , with the best athletes and the best coaches . I competed for the 92 and 96 olympics. I’ve done countless triathlons Can’t even remember the number of half marathons One 30 mile run One 42 mile run And 7 marathons in 7 days in the Congo . And everyday I see your story and you inspire the 57 year old has been athlete to Be Like Angie ! I was burnt out and not inspired You my sweet niece inspired me ( and its not because you are my niece) it’s because you are inspiring ! Don’t stop … You never know how many lives you are touching.

    When I was training for the olympics and even all of my on the run images… people would email me , message me and say how I Inspired them. It always made me feel good. You are doing the same and to a bigger audience. So very proud of you . Your Auntie Colleen Duffley Productions Colleen Duffley Photographer / Creative Director / Brand Manager




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