I’m leaving in a few hours to head back to Florida to be a Personal Assistant for my aunt. Normally, I would shy away from doing anything that involves family, because time and time again, history (not mine, but others) has proven that family and friends are not always the most reliable and/or it’s not usually a wise choice to mix business and personal.

But, when I went last week, I think it was kind of a trial for both of us. Turns out, we got along great and worked well together. So we are doing it again. I like no pressure situations. It’s also a lot easier because we are both adults and I think that if it starts to not work for either one of us, the other will be quick to say, “well, this was fun, but it’s not working, so… love ya!”

With that being said, I’m super stoked to go work with her. She’s a photographer and I think the things I could learn from her about business (and fitness) are endless. And I think I probably have something valuable to offer her as well. I just haven’t figured out what it is yet, aside from my sunny disposition. Ha.

I think it is important to surround yourself with the people you want to be like. When I was young, I always looked up to my aunt with big adoring eyeballs. When I was 16, I was convinced that I was never going to have kids. I was going to travel the world and write about it. Different from her, but along the same lines. I was going to visit every country and I was going to have one of those passports that you see in the movies that cannot possibly hold another stamp.

When I was 17, I had a baby and those plans changed. Fast forward 27 years and I’m back to not having any kids at home. I have the opportunity to travel. I may even have the opportunity to write while I’m traveling. Or to create my own opportunity to write while I’m traveling. And I’m hella excited about it.

Everyone keeps asking about Flea Market Guy. “Is he ok with you leaving?” “What does FMG think about you going?” “He’s letting you go?”

Um, yeah…. he’s kind of awesome like that.

He also knows that when we met, I had plans to do something, anything, that would allow me to spread my wings. He knows I have the soul of gypsy and I love an adventure. He also knows that in my previous life I was a mermaid and there is something about the ocean that will forever draw me close. So he supports it.

Plus, he likes not having me stealing the covers at night and flailing in bed. Apparently, I’m a restless sleeper. Who knew?

He does miss my cooking though, and when I was gone last week, I’m pretty sure he lived on Pizza, sandwiches, and cereal. A bachelor’s dream, I guess.

So, I will be on the road most of today. I’ve packed tons of clothes that I probably won’t wear. I’ve packed my workout equipment that I will definitely use. I’ve packed my laptop so I can continue to write. And I’ve promised myself that I will, in fact, write. Because some days I have a hard time sitting down to do it. Not because I don’t have anything to write about. I just usually think of things to write about at inopportune moments and then by the time I do have time, I find myself thinking, “what was that great idea I had earlier?”

And by then it’s gone forever. One day, I will start using my phone notepad again. Or I will start writing things down on paper again.

Turns out, I have a hard time being consistent all the way around. It’s like, when I’m consistent in my exercising, I have trouble being consistent in my writing. Or my nutrition. I will figure out a way to get it to all work together, but for now, if it is sporadic, my apologies.

But thanks for stopping by to read when I do post something!

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