Don’t Blow your horn at 8 am

I probably just started some war with my neighbor. I think I’ve mentioned Cracky Karen across the street before. She moved in about 6 months ago. I’m pretty sure she gets prescription pills and sells them at the beginning of the month because it’s like a rotating door of cars from the 1st to the 5th and then everything quiets down, except for her mouth.

Whenever she is outside, she is yelling at her teenage grandson who has unfortunately been left there to deal with her. And every morning, a maroon car pulls up between 7:45 and 8:30 and lays on their horn until said miserable teenager comes outside.

Most times, the beeping goes on for a minimum of 15 minutes. Sometimes longer. The person driving the car, never gets out. She just sits out there blowing her horn.

Every. Single. Day.

Today, I couldn’t take it anymore.

8:09 I hear the first blow.

I’ve already been up, worked out, went to the gas station for trashy coffee and am cleaning the kitchen. So, it’s not like the horn has woken me up or disturbed my schedule. I just find it to be ignorant and annoying.

And confusing. Why don’t people teach their children the basic rules of decency? Like, it’s rude to blow your horn really any time of day. The proper thing is to knock on the door. Or use your cell phone to call or text, “I’m here.”

I know I probably expect to much of the suspected drug dealer across the street from me.

Plus, I have elderly neighbors right next to me. They have lived on this street for 50 years and I think they, if nobody else, deserve the respect to not have to listen to a blasting horn at 8am when she is ill.

Back to 8:09.

I hear the horn. I’m in the kitchen cleaning up. Something in me snaps. I walk out of the house. I glare into the car. I think about asking her nicely to not honk anymore, but my inner psychopath had already kicked in so I just bypassed her car, walked up the steps and banged on the door like I was a cop.

Girl in the car rolled down her window to tell me that I don’t need to be knocking on her mom’s door so hard. I told her I was just doing her a favor since she couldn’t be bothered to get out of the car and instead chose to rudely blow the horn every f*cking day.

And then she tried to justify it by saying that her mom pays rent and she can blow the horn if she wants to.

I told her she was right, she can, and she will continue to get the same result… me coming over to help her. Her mom should have taught her some f*cking manners.

I do realize that I am an adult and I should know better than to get pulled into some drug addict drama. I know that I am better than that. But I wasn’t today. Today, I regressed to my 22 year old self who was ready to fight if needed. We all have our not so great moments. I was already annoyed that yesterday was garbage day and she has garbage overflowing in her trash can today because they are all so lazy and NEVER take the trash out. I’ve thought about being nice, but she is always yelling at the kids and cussing, so, basically, fuck her. The neighborhood was nice before she moved in and now she has trashed it all up.

Anyway, there will probably be some retaliation in the form of vandalism or something or maybe she will google “is it really rude to blow your horn instead of knocking on the door” and figure it out for herself.

Either way, I think I did the kid a favor because after I knocked, he came right out and was not late for school.

Rant Over. I’ll try to be a better person tomorrow.


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