I think I’m in the Clear

It’s been a couple days since my dream of being possessed by a walking antique doll. I can’t lie and say that it hasn’t haunted my waking moments occasionally. Especially, that night, when I went back to sleep and none of my cats were anywhere near me. They usually sleep right next to me. So their lack of interest in me was a small cause for concern, but I woke up and they were in their usual places. One by my feet, one laying by my hips, and one practically on my face.

FMG is not as convinced that I’m not possessed yet. We found a stray cat outside. It was across the street at our neighbor Cracky’s house dragging a fast food bag around with her. FMG had seen her the day before but she seemed scared of people.

Yesterday, she was sitting on the neighbor’s porch with our cat Sal. Our neighbors are very tolerant of our cats invading their space. So Sal and the little kitty were hanging out on the neighbor’s porch, I went and got some food and brought it out. Sal brought the kitty over to the food bowl and FMG and I left to go to my mother’s for a few minutes.

When we got back, the kitty was still in the neighbor’s yard. Sal came running like he usually does when we get home. I was able to coax the kitten out of the neighbor’s yard and she let me pick her up.

Our local animal shelter has a stray spay and neuter program. When they fix a stray, they will clip a piece of its ear off. They call it tipping. So this cat had a tipped ear and when I picked her up, she looked like she had been recently fixed; within the last week.

I saw another kitten around the corner last week, it may be from the same litter. This one reminds me of the stray cat we used to call Savannah White that used to visit us. She was pregnant last time we saw her, but it’s been months since then.

Either way, once I picked this kitten up, we became fast friends. She tried to follow me in the house like she belonged there… until she saw the dogs, then she quickly made a hissing U-turn.

I picked her up and brought her in with me. We went to the bedroom to hang out. I showed her where the food, water, and litter box were and she quickly made herself at home. She’s also a little sneezy, which leads me to believe she’s got an upper respiratory infection, also from being fixed. Some of our cats had the same thing happen.

Either way, FMG is convinced that she was too calm and too quick to get comfortable in our house. She will let the dogs get close to her. She doesn’t care about any of the cats. And she wants us to pet her. All signs that she is not as feral as we had originally thought. So, of course, he is convinced that she is all part of the haunted walking baby doll in my dreams’ plan to possess my body. He’s practically looking up priests just in case we need an exorcism.

I’m pretty sure it was just a dream and the cat is just a cat. It’s going to take a little more convincing for FMG to believe it. Which is pretty ironic considering he is not the most religious of men.

Either way, I think I’m in the clear….for now.

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