Moving Right Along

Things seem to have moved into warp speed since we made the decision to move to the beach. As soon as I posted it online that we were packing up and moving, I’ve had 3 realtors reach out to me, one realtor friend with an investor ready to buy, and a friend who’s daughter may want to buy our house. We haven’t even been to Myrtle Beach yet to look at any properties. The ones we’ve seen online do not allow our dogs.

It turns out that it is best to own your own place when you are an animal hoarder. It’s funny, because I’m not a bit worried about myself and the move to the beach. I’m worried about finding an area where my cats can continue to go inside and out as they please and that the dogs will be accepted.

I’ve tried to find the neighborhood that would most closely resemble ours aka the “bad” part of town, but if it exists there, they don’t advertise or they don’t have any houses for sale, lease, or rent. I am taking a trip to Myrtle Beach on the 24th to look around. At the pace my life is moving right now, I may have already sold my house by then. Flea Market Guy says that I am absolutely not allowed to sell until I’ve been to the beach to at least look. He fears we will be homeless if I do that, or even worse, have to go stay with one of our parents.

We are definitely looking for a unicorn property: small house, decent size yard, one story, fixer upper, close to the beach, preferably with a fence, on a side street so our cats chances of getting hit by a car are at least minimized and within our budget.

I know, it seems like it may never happen, but I have faith that SOMETHING will come up. After all, we just started our search. My realtor friend with the investor may be the most resourceful of the lot. He knows people everywhere and even though he hasn’t been in the business for as long as one of the more seasoned Realtors I’ve been talking to, he is the one who can move the fastest and get me to the beach the quickest and he’s not taking a fee from me. He said he will have the buyer pay him. Sounds like a steal to me!

Either way, I’m trying by best to not move at a light speed pace which is usually what happens when I make up my mind to do something. FMG is my slow and steady, take a deep breath, and think person. So I’ve been heeding his advice, even though, I already talked to my boss at my part time job and she has already talked to the boss in Myrtle Beach so I have a job as soon as I get there. That’s a relief.

I’m not going to lie and say that I’m not super scared about moving to a place where I know exactly one person and I haven’t seen her since my Sophomore year in high school, but I’m also super excited to be making such a huge change. And I’m excited to be making it with FMG. We get to start over together in a place where neither of us have history and get to make new memories.

Do scary shit.

That’s my motto for 2022.

It’s January 12. I guess I’m off to a pretty good start.

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