90 sunrises in 90 days

I had a lot of firsts yesterday. I started a new nutrition program. It’s not really new, it’s just a little more dialed in than I usually do. Vegan. I usually say I’m “mostly vegan” or “almost vegan” because, well, cheese, and Ben & Jerry’s Karamel Sutra. There should be a law against ice cream that tastes so good. It’s like they have angel cows giving them angelic caramel ice cream. But that’s not really where I was going with that. Vegan. I’ve been following a doctor for a while who says that adding plant diversity into your diet will balance out your gut. I’ve been battling this “rosacea” on my face for exactly the last year. I don’t know if that’s really what it is or not. The twelve year old dermatologist took one look and called it that. He didn’t take into account the fact that we have a shit ton of cats. Or my diet. He basically just prescribed me three months of antibiotics and told me to come back in three months.

I’m not a fan of antibiotics and neither is my vagina. So after we had a little chat (me and my vagina, not the doctor), we decided that we’d rather take the road less traveled and work on fixing our gut health.

I have a really hard time with stopping the dairy. I could go forever without meat. It doesn’t really bother me. And technically speaking, if you add plant diversity then you can technically still eat other things like meat and cheese, but when you are fully plant based, things just move in the right direction faster according to the experts I follow. I’m not expert. I just take what they say, read the studies, see the findings, and make my choices from there.

So, back to my firsts. I’ve committed to a whole foods plant based nutrition plan for the next 12 weeks. I think I stuck with that number because I am working my way through the book The Artist’s Way and it is a 12 week course. So 12 weeks of creative work and 12 weeks of nutrition work are penciled in on my calendar. Because of those changes, I started my kind of new workout program. I actually started it last week, but was out of town for some of it so I thought, since I’m starting two other things, I should just start this one over too.

And then I went to the beach for sunrise and I thought, well, since I am doing morning pages for at least the next 90 days and I am eating more plants for the next 90 days and I am working out with a specific program for the next 90 days, I might as well commit to 90 sunrises in 90 days too.

Not necessarily at the beach because I won’t be at the beach for every single sunrise because I have some out of town stuff scheduled before my 90 days is up so instead of setting myself up for failure by banking on a beach sunrise, I figured a sunrise anywhere would do. That way I don’t have to worry about leaving the beach.

Though, if I’m being honest, I never actually want to leave the beach. When I would work out of town and have to go to the beach to work, I would not feel so bad leaving because I was going home to FMG and the animals, but now, I am leaving him, the animals AND the beach to go to a place with no beach. It makes it a little harder but it’s only for a couple days at a time and I get to live here forever if I want to so that doesn’t cut as deep in my soul, I guess.

So I’ve got all these changes planned to help get my mental state and my physical state in a more creative state. That’s a lot of states in one place, I know.

Some might say that I’m biting off more than I can chew, but the thing about consistency and doing things gradually is that when you finally get to your “enough is enough” phase, you have already taken lots and lots of little steps so the leap doesn’t seem as big.

I’ve been exercising. I just haven’t been pushing myself as hard as I could.

I’ve been eating mostly right. I just haven’t been saying no to the junk food like I should have.

What I’m doing is kind of like that 75 hard program, but it’s more like a 90 creative program.

The book I’m reading calls for an “artist date” to spend time with yourself. It suggests once a week. I’ve decided to do it once a day. Sometimes Flea Market Guy will go with me and share in the beauty that is the sunrise at the ocean, but on the days that he doesn’t, it will be just me and the sea.

Plus, I didn’t move to the ocean to just catch an occasional sunrise. If I was at a place geographically where I could catch both sunrise and sunset from the beach, my feet would probably never leave the sand.

Not that they do now anyway, because I keep a nice stash of sand in my car just so it’s never too far away.

So, over the next 12 weeks if you come here to read and it seems like a whole lot of randomness, it may just be because I have also committed to 90 blogs in 90 days as well. And if you are a writer, then you know sometimes even when you have a brain full of ideas, when you finally sit down to write them, you might as well have a whiteboard for a brain that has been erased by an angry teacher who doesn’t want you to know the answer to the problem.

So I will write even if it’s about the dead bird I saw on the beach. Hopefully, it’s a little more interesting than that.

But the important thing is that I start and that I finish. If what’s in the middle is a little muddy, I won’t take it personally. I hope you don’t either.

Happy Tuesday!

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