Honky Tonkin’

Sure, a tattooed ass crack is not what you want to see on a Sunday afternoon. And yet, here we are. I went out to a country bar Friday night and for a little bit last night. Friday night, I drank too much and stayed until they closed. They closed before 2am because the crowd […]

I’m Unorganized

In a feeble attempt to get my life in order, I am working on a way to get everything I need in my daily life into one compact little notebook. I know it’s going to be trial and error. And I am forgiving myself in advance for screwing up, which is great after today. I […]

Don’t Drink the Pomegranite Martini

Flea Market guy came back from out of town last week. We spent the weekend together. Mostly on the couch because I wasn’t feeling 100% and he was tired from traveling. It worked out perfect. We made it through the week. Him working. Me working and dealing with my kiddo’s flu issues. So this past […]

Drunken McDonald’s Biscuits

So when my daughter told me that she thought I should do a Flashback Friday version of the blog, she was referring more to a written chronical of all the stupid shit I’ve done over the years that somehow did not end in my death. When I think of all those things (and there are […]

The Long Weekend

I pretty much started my weekend on Thursday night this week. Which is odd, because I normally don’t even celebrate the weekends. They are non existent except for brunch at the Tomato Head, which signifies all things weekend. However, a friend called and needed a ride from a bar so, in my pajamas (black yoga […]

The Morning After

So the morning after having a few too many, I woke up with your average forty-year old hangover. I wanted water, but it made me sick. I felt like I had to vomit, but I pride myself on keeping it down. I was starving and knew if I could just put something on my stomach, […]

I Cannot Be Trusted in Public

I went on my little trip to Ohio for the wedding. See previous blog. When I got there, my daughter and her fiance took me to this international festival that they have in Dayton every year. We were there for about 2 hours and then they had to go “work” their volunteer shifts. I wandered […]