The Long Weekend

I pretty much started my weekend on Thursday night this week. Which is odd, because I normally don’t even celebrate the weekends. They are non existent except for brunch at the Tomato Head, which signifies all things weekend. However, a friend called and needed a ride from a bar so, in my pajamas (black yoga pants and black tank top), I got up and ran to the rescue. I walked into the bar to find said friend who bought me a shot of vodka. One shot never hurt anyone, right? So, like a fairy tale, across the room I spot a man (shocking, yea?). He’s got a bald head and teeth that looked like they came straight out of an orthodontist’s brochure. To make a very long story very short, it was love at first sight-ish… he had my attention. So much that after I dropped my friend off, I went back to the bar (in my pj’s) to see this man’s face one more time. We made fast friends, spent the rest of the night together drinking, dancing, laughing, and when we parted ways, it wasn’t until I was almost home that I realized we didn’t exchange numbers. I’m devastated. Well, I’m as devastated as I  have the capacity to be, which, frankly, isn’t much. I’m still pretty giddy sounding according to Crystal. So I guess I’m handling things rather well. Then Friday rolled around. I almost forgot what I did Friday. I literally had to go back to my Facebook to check. You know the new logo that pops up when you visit this blog now? That’s what I did Friday. I didn’t actually do it. I sat at the tattoo shop where my son works and gave him the “mom” look until he finished it for me.

Saturday was eventful. I went to a going away gathering for a friend and then later attended a girl’s night out. That’s where  I was going with all of this. Girl’s nights out should be mandatory. All  women should do it. It is really refreshing to get out with a group of women and have a good time. We went to dinner and a movie. We saw Girl’s Trip, which was too funny. I won’t even go into it, but I give it 6 out of 5 stars. I’m not going to lie, my anxiety was in high gear knowing that I was about to go out with 30 women, two of which, I knew. The rest were strangers.  I know most people think I’m lying when I say that I have severe anxiety when I have to be around too many people for too long and/or when I have to go to a new place, but it’s true. It’s something that I struggle with  on a daily basis when I actually leave the house. But luckily, my psyche saves the breakdowns and panic attacks for right before bed. That’s usually when it hits me, but this time, it didn’t.  I went out. Met new people. Had a great time. Came home, went to bed, no panic attack in sight.

Then, Sunday, I woke up and had brunch with one of my favorite people and halfway caught up on life with her. I  think we may need one more brunch. And then the rest of my Sunday is  a blur. I did some research. I wrote. I procrastinated doing the laundry. I complained to the dogs about their hot breath heating up the house. You know, the usual stuff.

Tomorrow, things will  get interesting though. Mel has court for his little disaster so I spent all of today getting ready for that fun. I’ll keep you posted on the goings on there and Mel will be my guest blogger this Sunday.

Also, if you don’t share this blog already, I will be posting annoying reminders at the end of each of them from now on politely begging you to share. I’m trying to build a readership that can only happen if you share the blogs you like. If they don’t strike your fancy then obviously don’t share  it, but if you relate in any way, give it a share would ya? I’d be grateful.

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