High Five, Brian!

I know a lot of people hate their job in retail, but I’m one of those weird folks who likes to walk around straightening boxes and completely enjoys the crazy and unique individuals that come in. I’m not going to lie, sometimes a person walks in and I’m like, “humanity is fucked.” Actually, I might mutter that 2 or 3 times a day. But then some days, like today, you get a customer that restores your faith in humanity in general by just being a decent human being.  I feel like I’ve been doing a lot of complaining about men lately so I wanted to take a moment to give one a round of applause.

So this guy comes in and asks if we have eye drops for allergies. I take him and show him where they are and then he asks where the Claritin is and I take him and show him where that is. He starts telling me that he’s getting it for one of his employees because they aren’t allowed to have that kind of stuff in their first aid kit. Then, of course, my hippie side kicks in and I’m telling him about the perks of eating local honey if you have allergies and he’s super into what I’m telling him and not looking at me like I’m some super weirdo. So we walk up to the register and I’m checking him out. I mean ringing him up. Not looking at his butt. And we are just chatting as I ring up his stuff and then right before he is getting ready to pay, his phone rings. He says, “I have to take this call, I’ve been waiting on this.” The customer is always right, right? So what am I going to say? “Tell her to hold”? He finishes getting rung up while talking on the phone and he shakes my hand and mouths “thank you” to me and heads toward the door. Then he stood there talking for a minute or so,  which I thought was kind of odd and then he left.

I go back to doing what I was originally doing when he walked in and that was that. The phone started ringing about 5 minutes later and I answer the phone and the caller says, “Hey, Angie, it’s Brian, I was just in there and I just wanted to apologize for taking that call. it was a very important call that I had been waiting on for work and I know it was really rude and I just wanted to call and apologize.” I was completely dumbstruck. Who does that? Apparently Brian does. It’s not just that he called, he had to take the time to look up the number, wait on the options to get the right one and then hold while I ran halfway across the store to answer. He was genuinely concerned about the impression he left.   He probably also opens his wife’s car door too. And he’s obviously a really good boss because he came to buy his employee medicine. I would totally quit my job today and go work for him.

Anyway, even though you may never read this blog, Brian,  I just want to tell you thank you for being a considerate person. A lot of people could learn a lesson or two from you. I am going to go 24 hours without picking on men just because of you. Kudos!!

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