A Series of….Fortunate Events

Today was a pretty damn good day. A few things happened. Thing one: I started my new job today at a granite fabrication and installation shop. So if you are in/near/around Knoxville and would like some beautiful granite countertops, let me know. Like I said, I started the new job today. I basically walked into an office that has lots of catching up to do. Luckily, my whole life has been spent playing catch up so I think I’m going to fit in just fine. Also, I can dress as casual or dressy as I’d like. I can even go to work with hairy armpits. Nobody cares. I think I could probably even rock this red flapper dress one day if my timing was right. I’m also working with all men. So no snippy jealous caddy bitches to deal with on a daily basis. Not that I had that at my last couple jobs, but offices tend to be different. And, last, but definitely not least, if I’m not with a customer, I can say fuck as often as I like (because I work with all men). And I like to say fuck often. Needless to say, day one was a success and I don’t see myself getting bored any time soon. Plus I get to work with a bunch of people that I already know and really like. So there’s that.

Second thing that happened today is that I started my epic video shoot. I can’t give it away, unless you already know because I’ve told you, but I’m making a music video with my friend. She’s recording. I’m starring. We’re hoping to go viral, because that’s on my bucket list. Well, creating a viral video was actually on my New Year’s Resolution list for 2015, but I failed….mostly for lack of trying. Although I did create a few great lip sync videos, but those were mostly for friends and my own entertainment. So we started shooting today and only got one scene done before it started pouring down rain. The irony of that situation is we shot the inside scene first and the rest were outside, but I had no idea it was even going to rain so we will do take two tomorrow .

And finally, the last thing that happened today was that I finally made up my mind about Derek. I had been standing on the fence questioning myself. At first I thought that I was being nit picky, because apparently I have a tendency to do that or so I’ve heard, but then I decided, fuck that, I can be as nit picky as I want and if that leads me to being alone for the rest of my life then so be it, but if it leads me to finding exactly what I’m looking for in the long run, then it’s all worth it anyway. So as it turns out, the whole Derek thing is just not working for me. And it only has 50% to do with the fact that he’s basically turned super selfish in the bedroom. The other 50% is just a lot of inconsistency. I’ve been around long enough to know what it looks like when I am being treated like I am second or third or fourth or being hid and it started to look a whole lot like that. He also started just randomly popping up at my house. Not that I’m ever doing anything, if I’m home, but I just think it’s inconsiderate to not let me know ahead of time before pulling in the driveway. I like to have enough time to play housekeeper and sweep the dog hair up off the floor and wipe off the tv stand that I’ve written my name in dust on. I’ve talked to him about most of it before and  I was actually going to talk to him tonight about all of it, but I sent him a text at 7pm and never got a response, so maybe he made the decision for me which is actually a relief. Plus, it’s definitely too early in the game, in my opinion, to be feeling like this already.  I guess I will be flying solo for a while. I would say that I am going to swear off sex too and be celibate for a while, but let’s be realistic, folks.

Anyway, tomorrow is another day. Hopefully, it will be filled with laughter and sunshine and progress. At work and on my viral video.

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