What Ever Happened to…

Blogging is a funny beast. When I started this blog, I said I would be unapologetically honest. And I have been. I also said I would not hold back. That one is a little more difficult. Especially knowing that there are a lot of people reading this that I know personally.  Of course, I say I don’t care what people think of me and that’s about 90% true, but I still have that 10% that does. It’s the same 10% that hopes nobody actually hears me belting out a song while driving while the other 90% says, “who cares?” I guess ten percent isn’t that bad considering some people spend their whole lives worrying about what other people think. What I have found to be really entertaining is the number of people who have said they wanted to end up in the blog. Which is kind of crazy because to end up in the blog, I am either venting about your stupidity or we have slept together. There’s not much wiggle room there. I went to a blog seminar and the host said that confessional blogging is hard because you have to have some sort of wit on a regular basis to make mundane stuff interesting. I was finding it really easy at first, but as the days go on, I am finding it more and more difficult to come up with interesting tidbits to talk about. Especially when I try to come up with interesting  tidbits that don’t involve sex. It’s my favorite topic and judging from the insights on my page, it’s most of your favorite topic, too, which is why it’s my go to. Anyway, I know this blog is going to be pretty short and sweet, but I want to open up the floor for suggestions on how to make it better, or questions like, “what ever happened to….” or use me like dear abbey and ask for my terrible advice,  because I know that sometimes I get carried away and start on a topic just to get distracted and end somewhere else. So if you’ve missed something or someone and you just need to know, this is the time to ask. You can post directly in the comments here or on Facebook if that’s where you are reading this, you can also email me any questions at rouletteweekend@gmail.com. If I haven’t told you this week, I’m really glad you all are still here. We aren’t at 10k readers a day, but that’s ok. We will get there.


  1. I’ve been asking myself why I write recently – I had fallen into the trap of writing what I thought others wanted to read, rather than what I wanted to share. There’s probably some advice in that somewhere – but I don’t really “do” advice 🙂

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