Vacuuming While Brilliant

I think I mentioned that I’ve been refinishing the stairs in this lady’s house this week. The up and down and the sore knees and all that good stuff. What I forgot to mention was that as I was sanding the steps, I was holding a shop vac hose to suck up most of the dust that was coming from the sander. Or is it sand from a sander? No, definitely dust. Well, I was having to do the top half of the steps and then unplug the shop vac and carry it down the steps to the bottom so I could vacuum the bottom half of the steps. I repeated this process two or three times because I had to sand the steps a couple times using the sander to get all the poly off, because there was like a hundred layers and just when I thought I was in the clear, I would try to put on the stain and it would bead up so I knew I was being deceived until my last try, but before I reached that success, I was scooting down the stairs on my butt while balancing the vacuum hose on one knee and  using one hand to aim the hose while using the other hand to sand the stair. I’m not sure how many steps I did nor am I sure why I didn’t notice, but at some point, the hose came detached from the vacuum, but in my brilliant state of mind, I just kept on listening to my music and vacuuming. I’m pretty sure I got down at least three steps, before I realized that the dust was still there and then some. I could feel it in my nose and in my throat. So I turned around to examine the machine, because I finally figured out that it wasn’t sucking and the hose was just laying in my lap. Well, half of it. The other half was disconnected from my piece and was pointing at the ceiling just sucking away. Luckily, I was the only one working in the house at the time and the owner was gone. After I realized what a complete idiot I am, I laughed party hysterically and partly thankfully that there was nobody there to record my ridiculously absentminded moment, even though I probably could have won a million dollars or something for America’s funniest home video. I wasn’t even going to mention that I had that moment, but I was using a shop vac again today and I got tickled again over that little incident so I thought, what the hell? Why not share? It’s not like that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever done… It’s not even close.


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