Happy resolution day

I haven’t been one lately for resolutions. It’s more like I have intentions at the beginning of the year. I intend to eat better, I intend to work out more, I intend to enjoy nature more, I intend so many things. But if it doesn’t work out, I don’t beat myself up because I didn’t follow through with my resolution. But this year I decided to make a resolution list. It only has one thing on it. To accept people how they are instead of how I wish they would be. The way I see it, the people in my tribe wouldn’t ask me to change, and if they did I likely wouldn’t. I am who I am. Unless they were asking me to change because I was doing something that was hurting myself or others and then I would completely understand that. Fundamentally, though, you can’t really change how people are. You can only choose to except them and either let them in your life or not let them in your life. So this year I love more, I will laugh more, and I will accept  people and the way they are not how I wish they would be. Happy New Year! 

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