I’m Such a Slacker

I’ve been doing so well with the writing thing. I was even ahead a couple of blogs, which is probably why I didn’t notice until just now that I didn’t post anything today. I ran out of pre-scheduled blogs. I guess my little bout of writing enthusiasm had to end at some time. Not that it really did. My kid has been suspended and I use his fancy computer a lot of the time to write because it is way faster than the my little laptop, so I just haven’t really been writing while I’ve been Momming. He is back at school today though. He got all of his work finished that he was going to miss by not being there and he got his ROTC project done that was due Friday. He might be a little bit of a procrastinator. He will figure it out eventually. Anyway. Other than that, nothing new and exciting going on really. Well, there is that whole erotica thing. I finished a 10,000 word short story that I’m actually pretty proud of. It’s possibly a little dirtier than erotica if that’s a possibility. I don’t really know how raunchy is too raunchy to be considered erotica? I guess it’s kind of like that fine line between rated R and X? Eh, it’s not quite as whips and chains as Fifty Shades. It’s more of a dominant man, meek woman kind of thing. I’m on the fence about putting it out there, because, although I want people to read it. I’d rather those that enjoy erotica, stumble upon it naturally while perusing amazon for more smut to read. On the other hand, I’d like some feedback from regular erotica readers. I think I’ll just wait, because this story is going to have at least one other part, maybe two. It’s kind of neat, how when I write, I think the story is going in one direction and then BAM! Out of nowhere, something happens that even I didn’t expect and I’m writing it! I guess that just goes to show that maybe I’m not writing it at all. Maybe the story is already there and I’m just the messenger. So I guess I could really point you to the direction of my smut and just tell you don’t shoot the messenger. Yes, I am laughing at my own joke. Sue me. Anyway, maybe at some point I’ll grow the balls needed to share my word porn, but for now, I guess I will keep it my dirty little secret until I have enough of them under my belt to make for a nice little variety book. I am open to opinions on this, unless you are my mom and you think I shouldn’t be writing that filth, in which case we should just all acknowledge that ship has sailed and go on about changing the things in our lives that we can.

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