Dry Socket Potato Monkey

It’s been a week since Mel, my sweet little baby, got his wisdom teeth out. Aside from losing all his wisdom, he gained a boatload of pain over the last seven days. The first three were expected. Then, adding to his truancy, the dry socket reared its ugly head causing him to miss even MORE school. At first I thought he was exaggerating, but he’s not usually a complainer so I knew something was up. I was so vigilant making sure he followed all the rules. Militant even. And yet, here he was with an oversized jawline and an inability to chew. We started his diet out the first day with a milkshake. Day two, more milkshakes and some mashed potatoes. Day three, he was tired of milkshakes and moved on to Icees. Day four, Ramen noodles, aka nests of chicken flavored plastic. Day five, I felt bad for not feeding him any real food, even though he didn’t want any, so I made him some more mashed potatoes.

This is where I add the monkey side note. It’s more of an update really. We’ve been out of bananas because of banana rat. So I haven’t bought any more. After I made the potatoes, in typical Angie fashion, I forgot to put them away. There wasn’t that many but, I meant to save them so Mel would have something to eat. Like I said, I forgot. Mel woke up in the morning and was going to eat some (yes, even though they had been out all night, no, I don’t condone it) but they were gone. Completely gone. Disappeared. The only thing left were little potato remnants on the side and bottom of the pan, but there were no footprints. So Mel and I decided that it was not banana rat that ate the potatoes. It must have been a potato monkey because the pot was licked clean (or so it looked).  Basically, I still have no idea what the hell is living in my kitchen, but it’s going to have to start kicking in on the groceries soon.

Back to Mel….so he was sad the potatoes were gone and his face was still swollen. I called his dentist and made him an appointment. The dentist said it was a dry socket and put the little gauze in his mouth and said it would stop hurting soon but so far it hasn’t. I know Mr. Dentist is the professional with 8 years of schooling or more under his belt, but I’m not convinced that he’s right. Call it Mother’s intuition. Hopefully tomorrow will be better. If not, it’s back to making mashed potatoes for Mel and the monkey.

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