The Job or Lack Thereof (Part 1)

So it’s been over a week since I quit my job. Yes, I quit. I didn’t get fired, which is funny because the guy who owns the shop I worked at did like to fire me about once a month. Like women get their periods, I could pretty much count down to my final day of the month until he was over his PMS and loved me again, which didn’t usually take to long. It was tiring though, getting fired all the time, because on the few days that I wasn’t there everything got fucked up and I would have to come back and straighten it out.  It’s sad really, that I don’t work there anymore. Of all the jobs I’ve ever had, I really loved that one the most, minus all the dysfunction. It was a good fit for me. I got to use my brain and my better judgement. I never got bored. I got to interact with people. But most of all, I was really good at all of it. But, sometimes, you have to decide when to take a stand and I came to that road and had to take the one less traveled. Or maybe I took the freeway. I don’t really know.

I’ll go back to the very start…..or at least the start that matters. After the last time I got fired and was asked to come back, when I got back, there were a few new office girls. One of them, a married one, was fucking with this redneckish asshole who is friends with the owner and my guy. He was doing repairs on the side for the company. So I had set up a repair, after asking said redneckish asshole, we shall call him Troy, Troy Pinkerton of Maryville,  if he could do it that day. He said yes. So, I, doing my job, confirmed with the customer the time of the repair and called Troy back. He then proceeded to tell me that he does repairs on his own time because he does not work for Shanon (the owner) and that’s just not going to work for him. I said that it was fine. I would find someone else to do the repair because I had already confirmed it and they were expecting someone at that time. Again, he tells me that he doesn’t work for Shanon. He actually said it about 5 times. And then when I asked him if he didn’t work for Shanon then who pays him? He got mad and hung up on me. I never called him for a repair after that. And he called my guy (like a 5 year old) and told him that I was talking to him like he was stupid. Perception is everything and I perceived that I should use smaller words and speak slowly so he could keep up. Such is life, right?

Fast forward to about two weeks later. Sweet ray of Sunshine, Troy starts working at the granite shop. Before he even started, he tells the new office girl (because his cheating girlfriend is no longer there), that I don’t like him and we don’t get along. Mind you, I had never said an unkind word to this dude. So from the very first day, he keeps coming in the office and questioning everything I was doing. Things that I had been doing successfully since I started. And I basically had to reinvent their system and make it effective because they are not planners. They are pantsers, you know, they fly by the seat of their pants. So every day he is in there basically harrassing me. My guy was out sick for the whole week so I told the owner. The owner told me, “he’s just an asshole. You’ll get used to it.” Eventually, I just stopped acknowledging his presence and let him talk to the other office person, but whenever I did that, he would linger and try to prod me to get any sort of reaction out of me, which he never got, because I’ve worked in a behavior modification classroom for 3 years and I know when you have someone attention seeking, they will try for negative attention if they aren’t getting positive attention. So one day, he was in there running his mouth for about 15 minutes and then he points to this young kid we had working in the shop, on the camera, and says,  “look, that Mexican hasn’t done any work in the last 15 minutes, he just keeps walking back and forth to that  chip bag.”  So I politely point out that, he, too, has been standing around for the last 15 minutes in the office and he was getting paid twice as much. So he cussed at me a little when he thought the other office person was out of earshot and left the office. Again, I tell, said boss, that this dude is harassing me every day, basically all day.  So, the weekend comes and goes and I go to work on Monday. Normally I get everything done on the weekend for the following week, but like I said, my guy was sick and I had other stuff to do so I was planning on getting it done on Monday morning. Except, when I got there, Troy was already on a rampage because I had made a mistake on a cut sheet made with a program that I had to train myself on and have never claimed to be perfect at which is why I always attached the original cut sheet to it, so if there are any questions, the cut guys have a point of reference. He comes in the office, slings the paper at me and says some smart shit about me not being able to do my job. I politely (and that’s not a sarcastic politely either, i have always been nice to this dude even when he was being a dick to me, because I am a fucking professional) tell him that there’s a reason I give them the original. Use it. And if there’s a problem with it, call the person who measured the job, it has nothing to do with me or my job performance. For some reason, this dude, flips his shit. He starts every sentence from that point on with , “Bitch….” and then as if that weren’t bad enough. He kept pacing in and out of the office with his fists balled up telling me that he would love nothing more than to punch me in the face. He said different variations of it at least four different times. I basically just stayed sitting in my chair, because, if we are being honest, I’m to pretty to be punched in the face by a redneck who probably has special ed super human strength. So he leaves the building. I call the owner. I try to call my guy but he’s home in bed and his phone is off, because I know he’s not going for that shit.

And this is getting pretty long, so I’ll tell you the rest of it tomorrow…..

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