Pain is Real

Remember the other day when I said I went driving around and thought maybe I was getting an ear infection? Well, I’m still not sure if it’s infected or if I’m just having some sinus / allergy issues. Although, I don’t typically have sinus or allergy issues, but those things can start out of the blue, right?  Anyway, the last two days have been excruciating. I’ve been in agozing pain. When I eat. When I drink. When I sleep. Pain.

I called my sister-in-law who is a nurse. She’s the one who said it could be allergies or sinuses, because it’s only on one side of my head and everything on that side hurts.  So I was doing all the things that need to be done for an earache and/or allergies. I used some ear drops. I took some Advil. I even took some Benadryl. Three Benadryl actually. I think it was 2 too many, because I was looped!! And then I called the ex to see if he would bring me a heating pad and hold me, because I happen to be a big baby when I don’t feel good. And to my surprise, he did. He brought the heating pad and laid with me while I was whiny and restless all night. We still haven’t talked. And we didn’t talk last night except for when he said, “I miss you.” And I replied, “I miss you too.” And then he woke up this morning and went to work. He left the heating pad for me.  So…. about this heating pad. I knew he had it, because a few weeks ago, when I was having problems at work with the abusive redneck, he was at home on bed rest with a swollen testicle. The last time I saw him, when we were still getting along, he was laying butt naked in bed with said heating pad between his legs. And with no thought of anything but easing the pain, I turned on the heating pad and placed it right on the side of my face and covered up my ear with it. So I basically had his balls in my ear, which I guess if I would have asked politely, he may have done even though we aren’t talking yet, really.  After all that, I was feeling a little better, but I thought maybe I should go to a walk in clinic just to make sure it is allergies and not an infection that I need antibiotics for.  I went to the Walgreens clinic on Broadway and I guess the universe was laughing at me or decided that I don’t need a check up right now, because that particular Walgreens had no power, which means no lights, which means, no clinic.  So, instead of going elsewhere, I just came back home, took some more Advil and put the testicle heating pad back on my face.  Maybe I’ll be healed in a few days…

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