Trippin….Road Trippin

Sometimes I don’t know how my life could get any more difficult to deal with. For example, today, I am going to cat sit… Florida…….on the beach. Just can’t figure out what I’ve done to deserve something as torturous as getting to lay on the beach, watch the sunrsie, and cuddle with kitties. Life just isn’t fair….

Haha. But seriously, Summer is here, kids are out of school. I’m pretty much abandoning mine to go to Florida. He gets to stay home and watch the dogs. But he’s a teenager so he’s probably going to relish the week without me. He has his basketball and a fridge full of food. I can’t think of anything else he may need. Condoms? Got those just in case, too. Anyway, a lot has been going on. I should have loads of free time to get caught up on writing, caught up on my blogs, and ahead on some other stuff. You can keep up with me on facebook, twitter and instagram by searching @rouletteweekend. Add me, share me, follow me. I’ll talk to y’all tomorrow!!

Commence Road Trip.

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