By the end of the day, the one hour difference is kicking my ass here in Florida. However, in the wee hours of the morning it is actually working to my advantage. My eyes pop open right before sunrise so I can enjoy that bright and early delight. I went paddle-boarding super early today. I think it was around 6am when my aunt’s assistant showed up to take me out to the gulf. So we paddled from her little lake pretty much right into the gulf. I was able to stand on the board through the lake. We had to get off the boards to get over the waves. Once we were out in the gulf, I attempted to stand up again but it was not as calm as the lake and I kept falling in. The first time was the worst time, because I wasn’t convinced that I could pull myself back up on the board. You know, lack of upper body strength and all… ugh.. But, it was surpisingly easy. Then I just kept trying and falling until I eventually just decided that the view was fine from my ass on the board and I just paddled it like a kayak with my feet in the water. Until something started stinging the top of my feet. At first, I thought maybe it was my imagination. Then G, my aunt’s assistant was like, “I feel like something is stinging my feet. A jellyfish or something.” And I was like, “yea, I felt that a couple minutes ago, too.” And then he was like, “why didn’t you say something.” So I told him I thought maybe I was crazy and I was glad that I wasn’t crazy and then I politely kept my feet up on the board and every now and then I would put them in to see if the water was still biting me. He kept looking for jellyfish, but saw none. So it’s still a mystery. I’m going to go check out Panama City Beach today and see what’s happening over there. I have to go to the grocery store and I was told to go to the one further away which is only a few miles from Panama City, so….. I figured I would hit the beach first and then hit the grocery store on the way back.

Not sure if I mentioned that I did, in fact, download Tinder again, just to find some locals who know where to go and what to do. Not so much to get laid. I can do that on my own if I want to.  What I have found so far in my inbox …… nobody is actually from here on Tinder, they are mostly vacationers too, those who are don’t have a boat (except one guy who does in fact want to trade what’s in my pants for a meeting with a dolphin…. still debating), there are lots of military men, a Mark Walburgh look alike, and one swinger couple. Yes, I swiped right, don’t judge me. Or do… I don’t care. I had some questions.

Anyway, it’s been fun so far. I’m getting ready to get back on my writing schedule and be productive now that I’m “settled in.” I’ve been putting the finishing touches on my parenting book that my sister laughed hysterically over, because apparently, me writing a book about parenting is hilarious. Yes, yes it did irritate me. Thanks for noticing. Anyway, that’s almost finished so I would be truly grateful if you would share it and buy it and review it. It will be on amazon. I’ll let you know when that happens. It will also be very affordable. That’s always important when buying a hysterical book about parenting, right?

Until tomorrow…..


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