I Already Knew

I woke up yesterday and deleted my newly made Tinder account. I’m not sure why I go on these tangents where I think I need to find someone to occupy my time or to entertain me, because they are rarely entertaining or worth the time. Some of them still have my phone number, but it […]

Tinderizer and Tacos

I made the mistake of getting on Tinder last night before bed. By tonight before bed, I had amassed no less than 15 dick pics. I wish I could say it was a difficult task and took lots of effort on my part, but basically a few facebook photos of myself and a few winking […]

Dating Attempt #457 

Accidentally swiped left when I wanted to swipe right And then I accidentally super liked two people I should have swiped left I don’t think dating is for me I don’t even know why I got back on Tinder Maybe for the dick pics that I’m trying to collect for an art project I’m doing? […]

Crazy Preacher Girl

It was a pretty uneventful day here at the beach. I drove into Panama City to take my aunt’s car to be fixed. I was superbly unsuccessful. I stopped at the beach, but it was raining…. a lot, so that was a bust. While I was in Panama City, I met one of the last […]


By the end of the day, the one hour difference is kicking my ass here in Florida. However, in the wee hours of the morning it is actually working to my advantage. My eyes pop open right before sunrise so I can enjoy that bright and early delight. I went paddle-boarding super early today. I […]