Crash and (sun)Burn

I got my first sunburn since I’ve been at the beach. I’ve been super careful and made sure I’ve always had on sunscreen. SPF 30. All over. But, this morning as I was laying on the beach too scared to paddle out into the gulf at 9:30 am, it was cloudy and overcast and although I know that’s when burns happen, I was only out for a couple hours. I knew I was burnt when I went back out later and was slathering myself with sunblock and my legs were on fire. It didn’t stop me from going back out. Plus it was like 7pm. I don’t know if you can even still tan let alone burn at 7pm. I do know that I am paying for my mistake though. And my legs were so dry feeling, I searched all over for some lotion and the only thing I could find was some cinnamon and pine hand lotion. Needless to say, I currently smell exactly like Christmas. I’m kind of feeling nostalgic. Also, I got the whole “let me screw my way through Florida” thing out of my system. Not that I did or was planning on it. I guess I’m just always surprised that no matter where I go, all the guys are the same. Maybe because I keep finding them on Tinder (insert laughing/crying emoji here).  I guess even though I really do love being single and doing whatever I want, sometimes I feel like life would be so much better if I could do whatever I want next to someone who wants to do the same things and also loves me more than grilled cheese and chipotle tomato soup.

Later on,  when I got super brave and paddled out into the gulf (you may have seen the video on facebook), that’s kind of what I was thinking about. Not in a woe is me kind of way, but more so in a wouldn’t it be awesome if you had someone in your life who loves and appreciates the same things you do? kind of way. I know these things take time and I’m not going to find it by having one night stands….or two night stands or will I?  Hell, maybe I’ll never find it. Maybe I’ll just continue to make friends (who are really good in bed) that never turn into anything more.  Then, on my paddle back into shore, I was really happy that I was alone when I hit a wave the wrong way and instead of surfing my way back to the shore, which I had done before, I ended up toppling over and littering the sea with two bottles of simple truth water that I was unable to recover because they most likely sunk. I did recover my shoes and luckily my phone in the waterproof case I borrowed. And there was not very many people on the beach staring at me, although, I’m fairly certain one of the few who was there, did, in fact, take a video of the splashout. Maybe look for it on YouTube.

Also, just to clarify, I haven’t really been sleeping my way through Florida. Just one person in one part of Florida. Home of #teamchris. Who incidentally, I am getting ready to go see. It’s more like a summer fling. If summer was only seven days long. Maybe there will be gory details. Maybe there won’t,  but if either of my future husbands are reading this, you may want to skip tomorrow’s blog (it will likely include ***). You’ve been warned.

My daughter is super happy with the idea of me having numerous husbands under the stipulation that they are all from different nationalities, because…….food. So maybe I’ll get to work on that, but for now, I’m pretty enamored right here in the panhandle.

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