Body Shaming for Sex

If you’re on my Facebook page, then you probably already know the story of the guy who propositioned me for sex on Plenty of Fish and when I politely declined, he proceeded to tell me that he would have been doing me a favor by fucking me because he doesn’t usually have sex with “bigger […]

I’m the Perfect Distraction

I finally spoke to Alejandro last night after not hearing from him for 24 hours after he told me that he was going to have dinner with his ex. Needless to say, I already knew the outcome. Not because I’m psychic (even though I am at times) but because I’ve danced this dance before. As […]

Up On a Mountain

I didn’t post a blog yesterday. I was running around like a crazy person. First, I had to take Mel to meet his team at the High School. We were supposed to be driving to Virginia so I could drop him off at camp. It was going to be an hour and forty minute drive. […]

Alejandro, My One Day Stand

So yesterday was the first blog I’ve missed in over 30 days. Not bad. I did try to blog Saturday night so it would post Sunday, but the internet on the campground stopped working and then so did I. I went to the gas station to get a lottery ticket on Saturday night (I didn’t […]

Ask Roulette

Apologies that it’s been a while. I didn’t realize there were questions. They went to a different email folder and were overlooked by yours truly. So… to rectify the situation, we will have an Ask Roulette today and tomorrow. I may not get to all of the questions, but that just means we will have […]