One Last Fling and a Poem

I just got all packed up and ready to leave. I’m getting out of here later than I planned because I had one last hurrah last night.  As it turns out, you can have more than one sexual soul mate. As it also turns out, all of mine live out of town. Which is probably for the best, because I would get absolutely nothing accomplished if they were closer. My aunt went to bed fairly early last night and someone I met right when I got here text me. He had pretty much been out of town since the day after we met when I got here. So he got in the day before I was leaving. I wasn’t going to see him. I was going to be good and just go to sleep and head out early, but I have been on this “do what makes you happy” path for a while now and I just though, you know what would make me happy? An orgasm. And so, I snuck out like a fourteen year old. The only difference was I sent my aunt a text to tell her I was going out and where I was going. Not that I thought he was going to kill me or anything, but just so she wouldn’t be worried.  She was worried anyway. After all, she’s my aunt. My mother’s sister. Basically, another mother. So I get it. I’m in a place where I know nobody and I’m getting ready to go to a sleepover, but in my defense, I had been talking to him for two weeks and we had already spent a little time together in person. Either way, all’s well that ends well. I went to the sleepover and was not disappointed, which was really exactly what I needed before this drive. A nice relaxing body massage. Basically I’m still in my happy place. My aunt, not so much. She thinks I shouldn’t sleep around. That I should find one person and do that. She said I have so much to offer, which I do not deny. It’s just, I’m happy with me. I’m happy doing whatever I want. Like I said yesterday, if I find something amazing, I’ll take it, but in my experience, it’s few and far between. So I just find people I like to be around and do that. And if it leads to sex, awesome and if it doesn’t that’s awesome, too.  But I’ll be home in 8 hours or so and back to my regular life which rarely involves casual sex…. or sex of any kind lately and I’m ok with that. Plus, making new friends sparks my creativity. So here’s a poem I wrote in honor of last night…..


Let’s pretend we love each other until it’s time to leave each other
Let’s let our hands explore each other like the blind with a new Braille book.
Let’s taste each other for the first time over and over again until the sun comes up and we have memorized every flavor
Let’s pretend we’ve known each other for more than seven days and tomorrow isn’t the one we have to use to say goodbye

Let’s have one last night together igniting each other’s fires and sharing dirty secrets and creating inside jokes that we can laugh at across state lines and phone lines
Let’s promise each other this is not goodbye even if we are both lying
Let’s just enjoy lying in each other’s arms for one more night until our lives carry us back to the directions that we came.





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