Naked Attraction

My daughter was right. She said, “mom, you gotta watch this show asap.” It’s called Naked Attraction. It’s almost like the dating game. Do you remember that show? You’d have the bachelor or the bachelorette and then 3 bachelorettes or bachelors. And each round they would ask questions and at the end the one bachelor would pick one of the three bachelorettes and they would go on a date? Well, this show is actually nothing like that. It’s one bachelorette (maybe there’s bachelors too, I didn’t get that far) and then there are six “contestants.” But here’s the kicker. There are no questions. The contestants don’t actually speak at all until the last “round.” What happens is the person is revealed round by round from the feet up. So first round, they are revealed up to their waist, second round up to their neck, third round their face, and fourth round they get to speak.  Oh… and they are naked. So yea, dicks everywhere. And it’s commonplace. Nobody bats an eye. The hostess and the main contestant just look over everybody’s bodies and in the end, she/he picks the one they are most attracted to and they go on a date.

I guess that takes the pressure of wondering what’s underneath all that clothing away.

So I was thinking….. I want to have a naked attraction party! Gather up a bunch of single men and women and play this game. I know, I know. There are probably some kind of precautions that need to be taken… Like security, just in case someone has that rapey vibe about them. But I’m sure there is some way to screen them. Or maybe it’s really just a terrible idea. I have a tendency to be able to come up with those…. frequently.

Either way, I think there is something to be said for meeting someone at your most vulnerable. I feel like it would take a lot of the lying out of the equation. I think people in clothes have a tendency to stretch the truth. Not all, but a lot. Especially men. Especially before their penises have been exposed. I think we, as women, would be in a much better place if men had to expose themselves to us. I think it would answer a lot of questions. Probably the same goes for them. 

Guy walks out with a big dick…….. now we know why he’s always smiling and semi cocky (haha, get it?). 
Guy walks out with average size penis….. we can assume that he’s probably really nice and has above average determination
Guy walks out with micropenis…… he probably is really good at eating pussy

It’s kind of like how we all know that a not so good looking guy is most likely going to be really funny and a fat guy is going to love going down on you too. These are things that are scientifically proven. I did not make this up. Ok, so I did make it up. Along with a man’s thumb being the tell all of what’s in his pants, but maybe I’ll give that lesson another day. My point is…. If we met each other at our most vulnerable maybe we would be less inclined to feed each other bullshit to try to impress each other and we do…. So much bullshit.

But that’s pretty much just my opinion. And we all know I’m full of them. But you should definitely pop on over to YouTube and check out Naked Attraction. 


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